Could you change the future of cystic fibrosis? | Research

How many meds have you taken today? Have you ever wondered how our doctors know exactly what to give us? Cystic fibrosis doctors, a lot like yours and mine, are constantly thinking of ways to make our lives easier. When they get an idea, they take it to scientists who work hard
designing and testing it in their labs. But how do they know whether it’s safe
or even if it will work? They use something called a clinical trial: a study of the use of medicines equipment and therapies with real people. Every trial for a new or updated treatment has to answer three basic questions. One: does it work? Two: how well does it work? And three: is it better than other treatments that may already do the same thing? A group of volunteers with CF will find out from the doctors what they need to do and decide if they want to take part. If the trial is for a new medicine, volunteers may get the new meds
while others get a placebo, which looks and tastes the same but actually does nothing. This is so the doctors can compare the results for the two groups of people. Other measurements like
lung function are then collected. These will help the scientists see how
well the medicine is working and if doctors could eventually use it to treat
people in clinic. Your health is checked and monitored all the time so no matter
what stage of the trial you’re at, you’ll know people are making sure you’re okay. It’s an exciting process with the potential for some pretty amazing
results. I mean you could be one of the first people using a fantastic new
medicine or physio technique. There’s also that fuzzy feeling you get knowing that little developments tomorrow might happen because of those of us who step
forward today. If this is making you think, yep this sounds like me. take a look at the Cystic Fibrosis Trust’s
online Trials Tracker, where you can see if
there are any trials happening in your area for your age and genotype. Your CF team can also let you know if there are any clinical trials suitable for you. Clinical trials and the volunteers who take part in them are working to improve
all of our lives. So, could you change the future of CF? By joining forces with all the other pioneering people taking part in clinical trials all over the world yep, I think you could.

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