Cómo hacer la Voz de Scar – [ REY LEÓN] 🦁

Someone has to be the bad the movie! How good does that do taste the bad guy Hoyy we put us directly with the King Lion and the abominable Uncle Scar. This character will leads down the wrong path because also he hated his father because he believed King and plenty of others because let’s start exploring this voice in Latin Spanish version it was to by Carlos Petrel. Come on! “I would just like there is a small problem … you see the hyenas? they believe that I am the King ” “There’s a little problem” is a voice shabby and obviously this We begin to draw the features Main. As achieved? First, Do not apply too much weight to your voice. We have explained in various video tutorials that there are some Secrets for all this and one is that film the voices that sound through cinema beyond you eavesdropping an impressive form and amplified not are very equalized, second point say it is a veteran voice is a shabby voice that is going to take sound to our part of the mask a little above does not resonate because both chest, not a voice has great weight is not as super elegant nor not seductive. He tries to seduce, but obviously trying to manipulate It is a voice that is luring from the point of view sexual, but what It does to try to bring their own interests. So it’s like going tangling and interweaving things and thinking and mulling things. “I would just like there is a small problem “said there is a small It is very subtle Spain Spanish accent because because Carlos was petrel Spanish, leaves a detail almost imperceptible, but in some times it can fathoming those ears a little more trained. Let’s hear it again; “I would gladly just that there is small problem “Part of laughter on everything is fine typical of those people very false It is not a laugh out of a store uncontrollable way, someone healthier and transparent intentions It contains laughter and realizes there a situation that is not quite good and that he can get out of hand. Achieving this voice? the take to the top Mask because we will not project both serious. It is a rather low voice, sounds a bit cavernosa sounds here and the letters S They do not sound as Powerful, call it “modern” no no let’s apply that excessive sibilance. They sound more blown But no sound like this is a first detail also to consider. rather cavernous voice, let going to work from this part right here back a little closed. And here we must be careful not begins to sound like too can, nor scratchy, because it is not a voice Sound alcoholic. While it is not fancy, either completely busted. He does not speak that way then oh oh oh oh ok “You see the hyenas ..? They They believe that I am the King ” back on this detail to get The voice then if you have a feature very young voice if You have a very slight age for this voice You are going to have to do is this exercise from take a little more nasal as if you were to say for example “I am the King” which would be excessive, but maybe you need to exaggerate, always preferably do and then go back, ie filing that detail He was so grotesque to remove and Get to the point. What can happen to opposite is that if you’re too subtle and your voice is not like, it will cost you more reach that point. If you just open your mouth and act and not you give nothing in particular, it will be more difficult and cumbersome. Why is Preferably the first and test directions here here. “What happens is that they believe that I am the king, “there is even a sea ​​broken voice is not the voice of Scar, but they are all details that are going to take more or less close to the character Scar. we go again! “I would just like there is a little problem” “I would like but that what they think I am the King ” Try harder! You will achieve! practice!! Nacho Cabrera Newscaster Voice Talent, Chau!

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