Cole Sprouse Has Wise Words for DiCaprio and Pitt After PCAs Win | E! People’s Choice Awards

-♫ Everything means nothing if I can´t have you ♫ ♫ I can´t write ♫ -Wow! Thank you, guys. Um, man, to some of the other newcomers in this category,
uh, specifically DiCaprio and Pitt, um, just keep your heads up, you know? Don´t let this dishearten you. You guys are gonna be here
one day. The three of us, we´ve had this competition for a long time,
but apparently, this is my year. [ Laughter ] No, I think with “Five Feet Apart,” our mission statement
was to bring cystic fibrosis to the audience, to a public forum of discussion. It´s a really underrepresented disease, and thanks to all you guys who came out and watched it, I
think it hit its mark and we really hit our goal. So thank you guys so much for making us a reality. Thank you to Justin and Cathy and Haley and specifically
Claire, and thank you guys for the People´s Choice. Really appreciate it. [ Cheers and applause ]

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