what’s up welcome back to my oh my god, I’m
not on the floor or the bed so I’m gonna tell you all how I cleared up my cystic
acne if you don’t know I’ve had cystic acne since I get puberty since I was
like 13 and I know a lot of people had like a bump here or a bump there, your boy had like mountains you know they mean like I had like a speed bump or ten
like I had what I would describe as honestly disfiguring cystic acne you
know you don’t have to you have to believe me and I know I don’t have the
best like most flawless flaw free skin but compared to what my skin was before
which I’m going to show some pictures of what my skin looked like before I’m doing much much much much much much
much better I’ve never had a face where it was completely flat and I had no
cysts I would definitely advise drinking more water and not eating as many spicy
foods not eating dairy so I started working with this girl Samira and she
introduced me to this brand called Innisfree just because she had like free
samples from them she’s like I really like their stuff it’s cool and I have a
ton of free samples so I’ll give you some free samples little did I know that
was gonna be like a lifesaver um so she got me Innisfree products and samples
and I went on vacation to Florida and the only thing I could carry in my
little back pack were these like little sample skin care things and I had a
really bad pimple on my way to Florida and I started using it and my skin
cleared up completely during the week that I was in Florida and I was like
there’s something going on here so the product that like changed my skin 100%
is the Innisfree purifying facial cleanser with sea salt 30% normal to
oily skin and it looks like this it’s so cheap I think it’s $9.99 only the nessa
is this shipping is like ten thousand dollars no just kidding
the shipping is like ten dollars or something or like five dollars this
really did see my skin is completely changed my skin people have noticed in
real life it is bright in my skin because it’s clean it’s not dirty and
it’s made it’s if I have not had cystic acne since I have started using it and I
haven’t had like almost any pimples a few pebbles I have had I deserve maybe
like I slept in my makeup and like rub salt on my face and I’m like a pimple
but then it goes away completely the next day with this so it’s kind of like
uh what does the describe whipped cream yeah yeah it’s like a whipped texture
facial cleanser so I just wet my face I put this in my fingers and then I like
massage it in little circle shapes I don’t have any like tools like brushes
or spinning brush I know I’m scared of those I feel like
my skin is too sensitive and it would like I don’t know ask Asia Jackson I
feel like she knows what’s best with that but I feel like she said something
about like some kind of layer that you don’t want to destroy and I feel like
that destroys my layer I’ve also used the firming mask that they have and I’ve
also used the brightening mask and it’s yellow and it’s supposed to be like you
can use different colors like there’s purple green yellow blue and you can
just put multiple colors on your face to address different problem areas I’ve
only bought the yellow one because it’s for brightening and I have really bad
like hyperpigmentation and that’s the only thing I really care about which is
wrong that shouldn’t care about everything else but like I said I ain’t
Asia Jackson I don’t know. you have to have cleansed dry skin and then you put the mask on
and then it kind of hardens I guess they like dries out after 10 minutes or so
and then you wash it off and it’s like brightens your face over time yeah I
would say that my skin is really bright a lot brighter than it usually is what I
think it’s really bright and light in the winter so so surprised another one
that I swear by I was recommended to everybody on tumblr by Arabelle Sicardi
and they said Dr. G’s brightening peeling gel is good I like this because I feel
like this always helps me with cystic acne like when I did used to get cysts
this would help because it would like attack the sister without enslaving it
like I would never be more inflamed after using this but I would like get
the dead skin off from around the cyst like if it was gonna come to a head or
if it wasn’t it would still always help and then just generally using this on my
face every day or not every day every other day or like every three days or so
I don’t know it just feels like my skin is keeping cleaner the brightening
peeling gel is not like a gel like you would think of it kind of feels like
wadded up spitty paper I know that’s like gross but it’s fine and then you
put it on your face in the shower it’s really nice to put it on in the shower
such hogs of dead skin my god or whatever it’s
knock you are like I cannot believe humans walk around like this on a daily
basis without doing it when you start using this you’re gonna be like I can
never not use it another thing that has been killing cysts and pimples is Glossier
solution I cannot use this on a regular basis it looks like I’m used up
a lot maybe this was for the campaign but I can’t use this on a regular basis
because it actually breaks me out because it’s that powerful but if I do
feel like a bum performing that might turn into a cyst
when I put this on it it does always kill it the only problem is if I put it
on I have to pump it onto the little pads that they sent me put it on the
pimple alone and that’s it and then it kills it or else if I like trying to be
like well I’m gonna do like put it all over my face then I’ll get like tiny
little pimples and I don’t get pimples I only gets this you know what I mean so
I’ll get like little Whitehead pimples that like I can scratch off if I put it
on my entire face but if I just attack a pimple with it it kills the pimples and
this is just like it says salicylic acid AHA 10% AHA BHA and
salicylic acid acne treatment and yeah once a day after cleansing you put
it on a cotton pad and put it on your pimples or whatever I don’t do it on my
entire face it doesn’t prevent pimples for me on my entire face but it does
kill cysts or things that might turn into cysts if I just spot treat them
that’s the word and I know so much about skin care spot treat
as far as like wearing makeup as you all know it usually I was gonna say I wear
makeup every day no I don’t. I usually don’t wear makeup to work honestly I
might wear like mascara but I don’t wear a lot of makeup to work so I use Burt’s
Bees I’ll cleanse my face in the shower right and then I’ll put on out on makeup
I want to make sure that everything is out of my skin so I’ll use Burt’s Bees
facial cleansing towelettes for sensitive skin or if I went out drinking
that night I’m not maybe gonna do my full skincare routine even though you
should and I’ll use this and then I’ll use the exfoliating ones as well some
Burt’s Bees with peach and Willow mark and these are just like face wipe um
towelettes so yeah these have been helping as well keep my
clean and taken care of so yeah it I would I’m gonna kind of map out my weeks so
that you have a visual representation because I’m like also a visual learning
you know like we’re all in the same boat guys so every single day morning and
night I use the Innisfree purifying facial cleanser every two to three days
for the dr. Dee’s brightening and peeling gel every two to three days so I
don’t use this every day maybe you should but I feel like it was
too much for my skin when I use to every single day morning and night so this all
used maybe like morning and night once every three days the cleansing
towelettes I use every single time that I wear makeup
even if I’ve already cleansed my face in the shower I use these every time I wear
makeup so probably four times a week at least
I believe that’s everything I talked about so far and then my moisturizer is
just the glossier I’ll get to use the glossier purifier no glossier priming
moisturizer rich because it’s winter I’ll either use that or I use the glossier priming moisturizer I have been using glossier priming moisturizer for–
whenever Bailey sent it to me and my first glossier video that’s how long we’ve
been using it I cannot use any other primers or moisturizers they’re too
harsh on my skin I know a lot of people don’t like glossier and they feel like
it’s water in a bottle and that’s totally fine but if you’re someone who
gets cystic acne maybe you need water in a bottle like I really cannot do harsh
priming moisturizers it isn’t a matter of like the hygiene of like how I do my
makeup it’s honestly just like the way my skin is because this was happening
before I wore makeup and regardless of the brands that I used so yeah I hope
they’ll get gave you some insight on how I cleared up my cystic acne since the
acne is extremely painful I have watched a million in one videos on YouTube about
how to clear cystic acne and none of them work for me thank you all for
watching keep it progress today online sharing your thoughts and creativity I
love you all so much make sure to subscribe and like and
don’t ever leave me okay bye

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