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>>ANTHONY: Now the next thing we want to bring
back into focus for another product is our Feng Shea
facial scrub.>>LAURELLE: Yes.>>ANTHONY: Exfoliant facial scrub.>>LAURELLE: It is good. I love it.>>ANTHONY: Yes.>>LAURELLE: I love it. I do use this on my
face. I put it on the complexion brush and… Yes, I do, and I like this.>>ANTHONY: What do you like about it?>>LAURELLE: I like the fact that my face will
feel so clean without having that tight, detergent,
terrible feel to it. And then when it is soft but clean, then I
put a little bit of cream on it. And then it’s perfect. Or sometimes I’ll alternate and use the oil. I put a little bit of the Euro Oil on my face.>>ANTHONY: Right, of course.>>LAURELLE: But this prepares it. I love the smell of it. I love the feel of it. It has little itty-bitty particles in it so
that…>>ANTHONY: Yes, walnut.>>LAURELLE: Oh is that?>>ANTHONY: Walnut husks. The smell is wonderful.>>LAURELLE: It is.>>ANTHONY: I love the smell.>>LAURELLE: It smells like a spring garden. If you were out somewhere in a meadow at sunrise, that’s what it smells like to me. And those little particles are able to loosen extra grime or oil that builds up or if you’re
athletic and you’re hiking these days, perspiration
– don’t want to say sweat but that’s what it is – and it just allows you to clean, exfoliate, lightly, lightly, lovingly scrub and get rid
of the old cells, without hurting your face. You don’t feel any of that burning, scratching,
or itching. I’m an allergy person and I hate that burning
sensation when you use something that’s just irritating
your skin.>>ANTHONY: Too strong.>>LAURELLE: This is not.>>ANTHONY: Again, 100 percent plant based.>>LAURELLE: I love.>>ANTHONY: And I use the facial scrub myself
about once a week. Especially I think when I’m in the shower
mostly. So after I’ve shaved, I don’t shave the whole
face as you can see. Because I have my goatee and my moustache.>>LAURELLE: Yes.>>ANTHONY: But on the sides and underneath,
I like to keep it clean.>>LAURELLE: Very dashing, I might add. [laughs]>>ANTHONY: Oh, thank you. Very Italian.>>LAURELLE: And this is – yes – and this is
a good point, that these are co-ed. These are for men, women,
children. It’s wonderful.>>ANTHONY: They’re very co-ed. I use the facial, I love the facial scrub.>>LAURELLE: I’ll tell you, I can sit here
and just get an aromatherapy thing from just inhaling. Oh, it is delightful. It’s totally delightful.>>ANTHONY: And I’m sure you can use it on
other parts of your body, besides your face.>>LAURELLE: Absolutely. I’ve done foot soaks
with it. I think we were talking about that before. Sure.>>ANTHONY: Scrubbing the feet?>>LAURELLE: Oh, it feels so…>>ANTHONY: The underneath.>>LAURELLE: wonderful.>>ANTHONY: The sole of the foot. If you really want to exfoliate. So I noticed people have those scrubbers to
exfoliate.>>LAURELLE: [scoffs]>>ANTHONY: You can use this then.>>LAURELLE: This is so much better because
you don’t risk…>>ANTHONY: Feng Shea.>>LAURELLE: It’ll loosen those calluses.>>ANTHONY: Yes.>>LAURELLE: To where they’ll easily come off
where you don’t have to risk filing and possibly…>>ANTHONY: On your elbows.>>LAURELLE: That’s right.>>ANTHONY: Yeah so you can…>>LAURELLE: This is wonderful.>>ANTHONY: Again multi-purpose, all over the
place. You just have to be creative and inventive. And if you think about it, try it.>>LAURELLE: Absolutely.>>ANTHONY: Or listen to us and we’ll give
you some ideas and then you can go on from there.>>LAURELLE: I’ll tell you a secret. I wasn’t going to say but one time…>>ANTHONY: Oh, say.>>LAURELLE: I was stuck and Dumbo forgot to
bring her toothpaste. I used it as a toothpaste.>>ANTHONY: Nice!>>LAURELLE: I did.>>ANTHONY: And the taste?>>LAURELLE: I thought it was fine. And then I did use a little bit of… I had some cinnamon with me so I rinsed with
a little cinnamon and water. But I loved it. Because the little particles were not abrasive, but they were just enough little bit of polish
for the teeth.>>ANTHONY: Nice. What a great idea.>>LAURELLE: Yeah, I thought…>>ANTHONY: Even I haven’t thought of that.>>LAURELLE: Do I dare do this? I cannot retire for the evening unless I have
flossed and brush my teeth. I just, I have a thing about that.>>ANTHONY: Mmhm.>>LAURELLE: So this was a substitute toothpaste
and it worked.>>ANTHONY: Bravo.>>LAURELLE: [laughs]>>ANTHONY: That’s amazing.>>LAURELLE: [laughs]>>ANTHONY: That’s amazing I’ll have to try
it.>>LAURELLE: Yeah. [laughs]

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