Clay Mask Facial Benefits

Hey everyone. I wanted to talk with you a
little bit about some of the benefits of doing a mud mask and the different clays and other
ingredients that are used in the Earth mud mask by Nature’s Addiction. In general, mud masks not only can be detoxifying,
but they help to refine pores, increase circulation to the face and tighten and tone skin to give
your face a more youthful look and feel. Each clay comes with its own personal set of benefits.
Just as a side note: It is important to remember, that clays Will stain your face cloth. So!
Rhassoul Clay: Is Believed to have an impressive absorption capacity due to its high level
of ion exchange. This clay reduces dryness, flakiness, Improves skin clarity, Improves
skin elasticity / firmness and Improves skin texture.
Kaolin Clay: This is the most gentle of all clays and is appropriate for those with sensitive
skin. Kaolin clay promotes circulation, gentle exfoliation and does not absorb oils from
the skin. Friendly for dry skin. Having very sensitive skin myself, I wanted to make sure
that I created a mask recipe that would not be irritating. The Earth mud mask recipe was
created with all skin types in mind, as well as many skin ailments. My goal is always health
AND beauty and I do believe that we can all aspire to have Both! Anyway…
The next clay is Bentonite Clay. Bentonite clay has a high capacity to draw toxins and
oils away from the skin. This makes is very compatible with oily skin. It is a combination
of both volcanic ash and montmorillonite . This is probably the clay the majority of you are
most familiar with. The final Clay in the recipe is Pink Clay/Rose
Clay, which is Similar to Kaolin. This clay is gentle for all skin types and helps promote
circulation to the skin. Now, just combining these clays would have
been fine, but it would not have performed in the way that I had in mind, so I decided
to add some additional ingredients. One of the things I added is Colloidal Oatmeal.
This is an effective skin moisturizer. It contains something called plant saponin which
is a natural and mild cleanser. It is Believed by some to help with rosacea and eczema due
to the naturally occurring protein and polysaccharides which help strengthen the skins natural barriers.
The naturally occuring Phenols are thought to help with inflammation. It Is a soft and
mild exfoliator. Has a skin friendly PH balance of about 5.
Next, we have Calendula Petals. Calendula helps to soothe irritated skin. The petals
are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and immune stimulating. May possibly help with many types
of dermatitis due to high levels of vitamin A.
Lavender Blossoms: Lavender has a record for being relaxing. It is also said by some to
help with skin blemishes/scars. Recommended for those who are acne prone.
Lastly, this mask contains specially selected essential oils such as Neroli, which helps
to regenerate skin cells, prevent scar tissue formation, fight against broken capillaries
and promote smoother skin. Bergamont oil not only relieves stress, but
it helps fight against and heal acne, eczema, dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, cold sores,
psoriasis and give the skin a more radiant and supple look. Then we have Roman and German
Chamomile, which are extremely relaxing, among other benefits and finally, Frankincense,
which balances out your skins oil production so that your glands are not Over producing
oil. It helps to fade scars, even skin tone, is anti-aging and more.
Your mud mask may be mixed with jojoba oil, aloe vera juice, coconut milk green tea or
water. The ratio is 2:1, favoring the clay. I find that approximately 2 teaspoons of clay,
to about 1 teaspoon of liquid seems to be the perfect amount for One application. The
mask should not be runny. It is imperative that when mixing your mask you do not use
a metal bowl or utensil. The metal will react with the ion charge of the clay and decrease
their effectiveness. Once you have applied the clay, allow it to dry and tighten on the
skin for 10-20min. Try to avoid large facial movements, such as smiling. Pressing a warm,
wet cloth onto skin, gently remove the clay and then rinse your face in cool water. I
then follow up with massaging a little oil into my skin for 2minutes. Choose an oil that
best suits your skin type. So, regardless of which clay mask you decide on, I hope that
this video has been helpful in making your decision. Here’s to a healthier and more beautiful
you. Have a great day! Bye!

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