Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System | Acne Treatment

Clarisonic is a hand-held brush that’s meant
to be used with any cleanser to clean your face. The company says that you can remove ore dirt
and oil because of the 300 movements per second or sonic frequency that the brush moves in. I’m not sure how I feel about the Clarisonic. Part of me thinks it’s kind of a gimmick. I also worry about patients who overwash their
faces and I do think that removing too much sebum can lead to dry, irritated skin. And when you remove too much oils, the skin
can look wrinkled or crepey. Now, if a patient comes in and he’s using
Clarisonic and loves it, I don’t tell them to not use it, but I don’t recommend my patients
go out and buy it. I think using a mild cleanser with your hands
works perfectly fine. And at $120, I would rather my patients use
that money for a better skin care regimen or go buy a pair of shoes.

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