Charcoal Mask – A DIY Tutorial on how to make a charcoal face mask

Hey guys welcome back. I’m here with Mickey. Hi. We’re going to show you today how to make
your own DIY charcoal face mask. We’ll put it on, and see the results. So let’s go ahead and jump into this tutorial. We’re going to put five activated charcoal
pills into this bowl. Pour in a little bit of water (we added too
much water). We’re trying to make a paste with this. I’m using a cosmetic spatula to mix it up. Now we’re going to add some honey. We want it to be a little thicker. That’s like a dollop of honey. We ended up adding three dollops of honey
in there just to give it a really thick texture with the honey and the charcoal. It’s really a simple mask with only three
ingredients. Can you see how this is like a thick, but
still liquidy formula. We’re going to put this on our faces. All right, paint me. Paint me like one of your French girls. Oh honey I sure will. Oh my God. Only everyone watching can see what it’s doing. It is the weirdest. Oh my God, it looks like makeup effect craziness. It’s doing the coolest bubble effect Don’t get it too close to the eyes though. No I don’t want to … It’s not hurting at all, it just feels kind
of tingly. It’s really funny how it looks on you. It’s like a crazy makeup affect, if I were
to make you- It feels like it’s bubbling. Really? It feels like it’s slightly bubbly or something. It looks like it. It’s neat-looking, actually. If we could just zoom in, it would look really
neat, to see the effect. I love the way it looks. It’s kind of neat-looking. How does it feel? It doesn’t hurt. It feels moisturizing, and it feels a little
tingly, like it’s bubbling. I wonder if that’s the charcoal. I bet it’s the charcoal, because it says it’s
activated charcoal, so I would bet that’s the activated charcoal part. So honey is really good, because I feel like
honey is a natural humectant, correct? It is. It is a natural humectant, and it’s anti-bacterial,
I think. Yes it is. Do you know back in the days, you could use
honey to actually naturally bleach your hair? I didn’t know that, but I was pretty certain
I’ve read somewhere that people used it for lube. I should give it a try. So I used it on my teeth. Oh yeah, it’s doing the same thing on you,
where it’s like beading up, in your beard, I hope that doesn’t feel weird. Oh my God I feel what you’re feeling. Is it gentle for you? Because it felt really gentle for me. It didn’t hurt. Yeah. It’s totally sizzling. It’s like candy or pop rocks. Yeah, pop rocks. That makes sense. Actually let’s zoom in and show your … Look
at that. Look at that on your skin. Oh baby, don’t you want it. We look super crazy. We just did the charcoal mask, and we cleansed
our faces. Then we put on the Lucy Minerals ambrosia
for dry skin. Then we topped that off with the Glossier
Priming Moisturizer Rich. I think my skin looks pretty amazing. I think yours looks gorgeous. It feels very hydrated, and it wasn’t irritating
at all. I don’t feel like there’s extra redness. I feel like this is my normal redness going
on. I’m pretty pleased with it. Yeah, I feel like I’m putting the glow in
J-Glow. Yes, yes you are. I’m like blingin’. Your redness is going away now, just as I’m
watching. I love this oil. Every time I’m with you, you introduce it
to me, and I’m falling in love with it. It’s made near here in Orlando. It’s like Winter park, Winter … something
like that. We should go there to their store. Maybe at the makeup show. Yes. This feels awesome. I like it. Let us know what you think of this whole DIY
charcoal mask in the comments below. If you like this video, and found it helpful,
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