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– It helps with anti-aging
as well as acne, that’s when I fell in love
with it and that’s why I developed my own. (funky music) So I’m gonna show you my
nighttime skincare routine. Tonight I’m going to
use about nine products but it switches up, I don’t
do that every single night so we’re here today also
in my beautiful studio that I just moved into and
this is my treatment room and I’m gonna get started. So the first thing that I love to use is Garnier’s micellar water. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I do wear a little mascara and a
little tinted CC cream. First let me put my hair back, that’s the first thing,
people get very upset when I don’t pull back my hair. And this is great because you can use it for any skin type, it’s really great at removing your makeup. So I use it on my eye
area, and you wanna just make sure you’re not pulling the area, you wanna be really gentle, and see, it gets it all off so I guess
I wear a lot of mascara. So I like to use a micellar water when I’m removing my makeup, I
think this is the most effective way and I use gauze, and for me, compared to a wipe,
you’re really able to get everything off, and it’s
this one’s really great because it’s great for all skin types, there’s no oil so it’s not
gonna cause congestion, so this is my must-have. Next up I’m going to
use my cleansing serum, this is a super gentle cleanser. It’s got olive and chicory leaf extract which is really great for inflammation, it calms the skin, and it’s
great for removing makeup and so you just need a little bit, and I have normal skin but an oily T zone, but like I said this cleanser
is for all skin types. And so how I like to cleanse my skin is with gauze, and so
why I like to use gauze is because it gently exfoliates the skin. Also I like to just make
sure I’m removing everything, like all traces of the
cleanser or any makeup that I am wearing and so having gauze is a good way to do that
’cause you can kinda see it all come off. So it’s a cleansing serum because it is, it’s a high concentrate and
also it feels like a serum, the consistency is like a
serum, and you need very little. It’s very potent. With a lot cleansers
you need a lot to really get a lather, you really
only need just a little drop. After I cleanse, and I know
that I removed everything, I’m going to pat my skin
dry, and then I’m going to use my toner, which is honestly one of my favorite products. It has saki water which brightens the skin and sebocytine, it helps
to reduce oil production. So this is great for someone
with normal to oily skin and like I said I have an oily T zone. I only use this at night. This is such a great toner because it just brightens your skin. Also what’s great is that
I’m also still making sure that I’ve removed everything
from after I cleansed. It’s great for a normal to oily skin. So after that, I let my skin
kind of dry a little bit before my next step,
this way you’re getting the benefits of every product. Tonight I am going to use Retinol Reform which is the first product I developed, which is an amazing product, it’s retinol and lactic acid. So this exfoliates the skin,
it’s great for fine lines, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen in the
skin, helps with acne and pigmentation, it’s
something I can’t live without. And I use this almost
every night, and so I use about three pumps all
over, and I make sure to get it everywhere. I use it right under
my eyes but for someone first starting with this
product or any retinol, you wanna start with very
little under your eyes and start with about once a
week and then you can build up. I’ve just been using retinol for so long. If your skin can’t
tolerate it, there’s other amazing ingredients that
you can use, a lactic acid is great for someone
with more sensitive skin. It’s also gonna exfoliate your skin, it also helps with pigmentation. So when I’m not using a
retinol, I exfoliate once a week and I would use the Dr.
Dennis Gross peel pads. These are great because they
have glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acid in them. It’s a chemical exfoliant which I prefer and it just kind of sloughs
away all the dead skin, it brightens your skin. This is extra strength but there’s also original strength as well. I typically exfoliate
one to two times a week but it really depends on your skin type and I use retinol about six days a week. However, when you first start using it, you wanna start with one to
two times a week and build up and you wanna use it as often
as your skin can tolerate. So for people who have
acne, it really depends on how much you’re breaking out and where you’re breaking out,
and if you’re breaking out a lot, one of the best things
is to go to a dermatologist or see a really good esthetician. If you’re breaking out a lot
or you’re getting cystic acne, using a prescription retinol
is one of the best ways to treat it and that you’d have to go to a dermatologist for. My next step is that I am going to use the Is Clinical Youth Eye Cream. This is by far one of
my favorite Eye Creams, I’ve tried them all, this is great. It’s filled with peptides,
it’s super hydrating. Even after using it a week, it helps with fine lines and wrinkles
and brightens the area around your eyes, and
also is super hydrating. So with eye cream, I just pat it in. You have to be really
careful around the eye area. You know, I’ve been using a
lot of Is Clinical products for a really long time. So next up is a hyaluronic acid serum. This is by Dr. Nigma, it’s
called Serum Number One, I absolutely love this product. It’s super hydrating, it’s oil free and I like to use this when I’m feeling a little dry and I’ll use
it before my moisturizer. Sometimes I will use this alone. Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin, it’s also something that we
have naturally in our body and as we get older, it starts to decrease so it’s really important
for me to use one. So with the hyaluronic
acid, most of my clients use a hyaluronic acid serum. I have two different ones that I love, one is by Is Clinical
and then there’s this one by Dr. Nigma, and I think
it’s really important to use it because it does plump your skin, it does add extra hydration,
and for someone that’s oily or has acne, you can use
it alone and you don’t need a moisturizer ’cause you’re getting all you need out of this. So and when I apply it, I
just pat it into the skin. And I kinda let that
just absorb into the skin before my next product. And like I said, sometimes I will just end with a hyaluronic acid serum, but today I’m feeling a little dry so I’m going to add another moisturizer. And this is my moisturizer,
it is an oil-free moisturizer and what I love about this for someone that has normal to oily
skin is it won’t cause any congestion at all. This is super calming,
it has vitamin E in it. So this is just a really
lightweight moisturizer. If you’re someone that has dry skin, this is not the moisturizer for you. One of my absolute favorite
products that I do use at night is my Desesse mask. This is absolutely amazing
and a game changer. I typically use red light,
which is for anti aging, boosts collagen in the
skin, decreases fine lines and wrinkles, there’s
also blue light as well which kills bacteria so really great for someone with acne. So the thing about the Deesse is, is I’m not gonna use it tonight because you wanna make
sure you’re using this with clean skin. You don’t wanna use any active ingredients like a retinol or glycolic or lactic acid, anything that exfoliates
before you use the mask. So that’s really
important, so you would use all your products after. You cleanse your skin, you use the mask and then you can use
your products after using the Deesse mask, or
otherwise you can use it in the morning when you wake up with clean skin and
then use your products, and you just wanna make sure you’re always wearing sunscreen, too. The only other thing that
I cannot live without, these Lumity supplements that
I take morning and night. There’s three pills in the
morning, three at night, and these have everything in them, omegas, all the nutrients you need,
all the antioxidants you need and it’s great for your
hair, skin, and nails. And I have been using
these for about a year and I can’t even tell you the difference it’s made in my skin,
so these are for sure something that I do every single day. You just wanna get the best
products for your skin type and that’s the most important thing. I worked for a dermatologist for years, so I got to treat really young kids that were struggling
with acne, I got to see how much that that can change your skin. It helps with anti aging as well as acne. That’s when I fell in love with it and that’s why I developed my own. So I think it’s really
important to get facials monthly if you can, I know that’s
not easy for everyone but if you can get them, it’s important you’re getting a professional exfoliate, in most facials and you’re getting the extractions you need. Typically for me, it’s
something I do on myself about once a week, but
that’s not for everyone. Thank you for watching
my skincare routine. I hope you learned something,
and have a great night.

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