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  • Could diet soda be ok on Carnivore or nah?

  • Awesome video! Im currently doing Carnivore lifestyle, my main goal is too lose weight but as I did the diet i found that carbs and all the processed food destroys me. I weigh 218lbs and i’m about 6ft tall 22 years old, i’m sticking to around 1800 calories a day while eating only once a day. I try to eat around 1lb of any fatty steak and the rest eggs and bacon. I also fast on saturday and sundays and it is a killer for fat loss. When you cut carbs out you really don’t feel hungry all to much (specially if you are drinking alot of water). I have even noticed that some foods i used to drool over kinda make me sick just thinking about how its made. Its not a hard way to eat if you give yourself the time to adapt and limit the times you cheat.

  • Assuming my tracking is accurate, I’m hitting between 25-30% protein eating only beef (strict carnivore for health reasons). It works for me.

  • I'm a 109 lbs woman and my range is between 120 gr – 160 gr of protein a day, which clocks in at about 27 – 30%. I've been carnivore for a while coming from keto. I eat red meat, sometimes white meat, eggs, small ocean fish like mackerel, sardines, herring, sprats (their heads are my favorite part), mussels, and I love to have butter with my meal (mostly OMAD) and some cheese, preferably from raw milk and animal rennet. I have a hard time with innards, which is very unfortunate. I tried liver quite a few times, but I just couldn't get it down. I admit, sometimes I make a few exceptions with berries, a tomato here and there, olives, bell peppers, avocados in small amounts but not daily. Also I use dried herbs/spice because my body can tolerate it. Other fruits and vegetables give me a ton of problems with my overall health and well-being.

  • I believe I’m eating 27-32% protein. My concern is (and you and I chatted about this yesterday) I want to cut out the dairy, but that has been helping me so much to hit my needed fat %. I hit my fat with HWC, sour cream, and butter. Without the HWC and SC, I’m struggling to keep my protein under 30%. Suet might be the answer, but I’m anxious about it.

  • Oh my this has really helped me. Thank you

  • I have a question, i'm a bigger person in compare to you, 6 months on carnivore. I eat OMAD rib eye steak every day (sometimes a fast day) of 320 grams and i have no hunger,cravings anything. But i everywhere read people eating much more…. is something wrong?

  • i just started 3 days ago and my percentage so far is 25-%30% protein.

  • Im eating carnivore-isch, or carnivore, I dont know. Its about 40 eggs a week, gfbeef at training days, 4-5 burgers, jerky stick/sticks after trainingdays, dark choco, avocado, nuts, and postworkout is 1/2 orange/1/2 banana, 2 rice cake, omegas caps and proteinshake/chicken. And 1/2 a boil-in-bag ricebag and cutup elk/deer evening b4 trainingday.

  • Question: I'm so tired after eating. Carnivore 7 wks now, after steak its like a carb crash but with no carbs . . . ? I just don't get it.
    If only 2 eggs w 2 beacon I'm ok . . . but more, like 3 eggs, etc. then its a super tired crash.
    1 ribeye = crash. Yes, I have salt on everything, lots of butter too!
    Only eating 2 meals daily. Still tired. Eat at 8 am & 3 pm —- Anyone else do this?

  • If weight loss is goal. Isn't a big steak with eggs (OMAD) enough? The fasting is muscle sparing from my understanding.

  • I never tried keto because I didn't want to track anything. Learning about carnivore has been a godsend.
    At least one of my meals (sometimes both) are a 1 pound ribeye. Most days though, my non ribeye meal is either about 3/4 pound salmon fillet, or 4-6 eggs and 8 slices of thick cut bacon, or about a pound of hamburger. Sometimes I only end up eating one meal in a day. Rarely more than 2.

  • Do you weigh your steak raw or cooked.

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