Can Scar (from Cholos Try) Handle Indian Food? | No Pica w Yung Dro | Episode 2 – mitu

– I need to add way more, I need to add like a lot, like a lot. Like way more, give me something hot. (techno music) – Hey guys, it’s Alejo and I’m here with Scar from Cholos Try. (techno music) Pica or no pica, we are gonna find out. What we got today, is
a little bit of curry. Yeah we got three different curries. (techno music) We’re about to taste
some spicy chicken curry. – [Scar] All right. (techno music) Pica or no pica. – Mhm, right away. – Oh really? If you want water, take some water, but I hear you over here, (inhaling sound) I feel like a fire
– You’re making me look bad. – Hey man, he’s tough on the streets, but I’m tough in the kitchen, you know what I am saying? – You’re cholo, we know that. – Hell yeah. – You’re from Cholos Try. – That’s right. – But what does it take
to be a real cholo? – Well, I mean, what it
means for me to be a cholo, I take it like a super hero, I know a lot of people are going to laugh, but it is you know what I mean, cuz like, I’m a soldier of the streets. I make sure my neighborhood
is well taken care of. I’m an OG, you know, people
don’t know but I am a little older, and I try to show
the kids a better way. – It’s not just kind of an
appearance, it’s a whole. – Nah, nah, it is no
joke looking like this, don’t ever think it’s
cool looking like this. Trust me, you will run
into a lot of problems. I am not scared of no man. Or no cop.
– There you go. (techno music) – Which one looks more appetizing to you. – I’ll get the calabaza.
– The calabaza. – Let’s make it a ten. So I mean, if you’re down, I’m down. – Chili flakes. – Yeah, like crushed peppers, different. – I love this, I just ate
some of this last night. – Alright, well, let’s
find out, pica or no pica. Cheers. (techno music) (coughs) That one hit me. – Maybe, I didn’t mix it
enough, but it was like plain, like super plain.
– I got the peppers but. – It wasn’t spicy, like not one bit. (techno music) – I see your tatted up brother,
and like you said earlier I mean, you got all these
tattoos for different reasons, but which one is your favorite,
which one speaks like, which one has the most
deepest connection to you? – Well, I definitely have to say the scar. You know, I know everybody has tattoos, but the scar definitely
separates me from the rest. I always wanted this scar
tattoo since I was a little kid, it’s not something that I just got. There was like this crew,
that they would do real scars on their faces and I would be
like, I thought that was the coolest thing ever. (techno music) – You know what, it’s the
last one, pass me that chili powder. I want this one to burn. – Ooooh
– oh no, (laughing) Oh my God. Alright well lets try this
Aloo Gobi and see what’s Gucci. Pica or no pica, here we go. I can’t do it. – I need more spicy with this. – Oh you want that one. – I don’t think we’re giving it justice. I know that Indian people are
known for their spicy food. – Brooo. They’re gonna be mad at us after this for making them look bad. – You know what? I don’t wanna let him do this
alone, so Imma do it too. – I need to add way more,
I need to add like a lot, like a lot, like way more. Give me something hot. – Oh, there you go, well bite that. – Hot. But I can handle it. And now it’s getting hot. (coughing) – That one’s spicier? – Ahhh. Okay. – So what do you rate it out of ten? – I got it. Well now, now it’s a 11. Wooo I’m officially hot. – Nice. (techno music) What’s one thing that
no one knows about you that you want to share with us? – But you know what, when I was younger, I used to watch novelas with my mom. And one of my favorite novelas was “Dos Mujeres, un Camino”. (techno music) You know what? And I had the biggest
crush on the girl, Tanya. That was the best show, ever. – You’re on the show, Cholos Try. So we know Cholos try
but do Cholos every cry? – That’s what it is, Cholos
try, we don’t cry, you know? – It looks like you’re
gonna cry right now. (laughter) – No, imma- (techno music) – Thank you for watching No Pica, Tune in for next episode,
– Si pica. we’re gonna eat some more spicy food. (finger snap) You know what it is. (techno music)

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