Cách điều trị mụn viêm – mụn bọc hiệu quả TPHCM. Tại Hiền Vân Spa – bài 227

Guys, this is his hidden acne a lot and his pores are very big Hien will explain why after getting acne, if you don’t run nutrients, you will have such large pores when our skin gets acne the collagen fiber must be broken, can contain acne inside the pores As the acne gets bigger and bigger, the collagen fibers get broken Collagen fibers must be broken in this place to accommodate acne the bigger the acne the more collagen fibers break That’s why when we need treatment, we need to run nutrients to help the skin be regenerated and restored, when regenerated and restored, it will help increase collagen generation faster Inflammatory acne like this is easy to leave pitted scars most of us take pimples improperly or go to un reputable spas we will still have normal pitted scars but with Hien’s technique, there will be no swelling, redness or bruises, scars while severe acne it will be slightly pink and tomorrow morning will be over For hidden acne, there is no swelling or redness Hien will take hidden acne now, and Hien will take inflamed acne later These are pitted scars that he pry Before coming to the spa he had pitted scars and inflammatory acne Today is his second treatment Can you see the pimples inside this pore? Inside the hidden acne it will be this long It eats very deeply it eat under the skin into strips like this Do you see two pimples come out? This is an inflammatory acne that will have lots of pores Hien just touched a little bit and it wants to extract pus already Hien taking will not leave scars or dark spots Hien pledged This is a major inflammatory acne, Acne like this will easily leave deep pitted scars It’s a lot of pus inside Hien taking will not swollen, red Once Hien takes inflammatory acne, it will decrease by 40-50%,or it can be completely removed The important thing is to make the acne soft and easy to remove If the head acne is hard, we will take many times pimple tail There are a lot under 💖💖Thank you for supporting Hien💕💕

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