Cách điều trị mụn viêm – mụn bọc hiệu quả TPHCM. Tại Hiền Vân Spa – bài 226

These are the acne inflamed parts of the ear The inflamed acne it drop today When the inflammatory acne has decreased it will appear the acne acne that Hien is take There is also acne on his ear Do you see the big acne? This is his earlobe It still has an inflamed acne This is an inflammatory acne Can you see the pus inside? This is a very big pimple If we take it improperly it will become Very deep inflammation Hien get absolutely no swelling, redness or leave bruises and scars After take the spa will run nutrients impacting deep into each pore and it helps to produce collagen that restores weakened skin and the skin will not open have pores If you guys don’t run nutrition and requires good nutrition Without nutrients, these areas will heal very long it will leave large pores or pitted scars just like when our skin is weak After finishing, we have to have good nutrition like when we are sick our bodies need protein transfer, water transfer Eating healthy food to recover quickly so does our then skin when it has acne and it has weakened we need good nutrition and someone has to have good expertise to take acne to help our skin minimize the possible damage like that pimple I took won’t leave anything You can see the acne is really long and big This is a case of puberty acne, guys he had acne for a long time but he did not get treatment and did not take it right, so he had pitted scars When our children reach puberty we should take care of them more Some parents think that when acne reaches puberty, it will go away on its own It can’t go away on its own, it does not go away on its own but also spreads and forms inflamed acne just like him and leave pitted scars he has a very severe inflammatory acne in nose because he doesn’t know how to get it, it spreads like that After that, he went to the spa to receive acne and Hien also limited the damage to his skin and after one, his nose acne was greatly reduced His acne is really big These are inflamed acne These inflammatory acne we have to take properly because these are easy to leave scars these are easy to leave scars It’s very deep inflammation we have to get really good acne techniques if there is no good acne technique, it will surely leave very severe pitted scars Hien taking it will certainly not leave any dark spots or scars This is an inflamed acne in the area of blood chin and pus very much inside it remains When we finish take these acne we must have good nutrition put on it helps new cell proliferation if we let our resistance grow on its own, it’s still very little It is few and easily scarred inside it leaves a very big hole and I need to put nutrients into it Hien finished taking no swelling or redness With its technology Hien will minimize pitted scars and dark spots After take acne to run nutrients is required 💟💟Please subscribe to Hien and press the bell next to it💞💞🔔🔔 Hien thank you very much😘😘

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