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Hello everyone, welcome to my channel acne is flying This skin area is very weak, bad This skin is very much hidden acne, I am trying to remove acne Remove 1 hidden acne, will remove 1 cystic acne It still has acne roots If I don’t remove them soon, things will get worse It’s very big and fat There is still a very hard acne here very big Very fat and chubby There are lots of big acnes here The acne here is very big I am trying to take it out so it does not get swollen This acne roots remain, I keep taking He has a lot of cysts Because he used too many acne treatment cosmetics, which contain a high amount of bleach, which caused deep inflammation inside. Acne roots are very large and long In this case, the skin is very bad I hope that after watching this video, you will have more knowledge and better skin care I think his chin has lots of acne If this area has many cysts, it is very dangerous because it is easy to leave scars Mostly, for such weak skin, if there are many acne cysts, it is easy to form scars If the chin has a keloid scar and concave scar, it will look very bad His skin is very dry If you are using such cosmetics, stop before things get too bad Relatively many pimples, I just took half of the pimples on the forehead area I have been getting acne for over 1 hour The cheeks are inflamed a lot I’ll get the pimple here, then back to the cheek the outside looks very normal, the inside contains a lot of pus This is big cystic acne When the skin is weak, bacteria have a chance to get inside and cause it to do so I am looking for acne spots This acne has a lot of head There’s still a lot of inside, I’ll take it slowly inside there is still acne root and i will take it out I took it just now, and now I have a very large acne root This is the result if we use bad cosmetics I took 2 very long acne roots, but the inside is still it is still very hard This site looks very normal skin, but inside it is inflamed My shoulders are quite sore acne is very hard The acne root is very big, still not out As a rule, the weaker the skin, acnes are worser Many of you think, using that cosmetic, every day it will thin the skin, acne roots will stick out easily. It sounds logical, but it’s the wrong way to destroy your entire skin For this skin, will feel very itchy When the acne is done, you will see a hole We need to have good nutrition to recover After reducing acne 70-80%, we have to use nonmetal technology Peeling cosmetics have destroyed the skin’s epidermis losing collagen fibers Haven’t taken acne yet, he already has scars if the root is not removed, the more severe the infection, the scar is bigger Thanks for your watching and see you again

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