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For this acne, must take about 2 times I’m disinfecting him It is very big His mother impacted on it, making it worse Inside is blood and pus We must fight inflammation immediately This is wart taking once will clean 100% This acne is very hard, if you know how to get it, it will be very easy If you look closely, you will think there are only inflammatory acne and cysts These are hidden pimples it is very big Lots of hidden pimples here If you look normally, you think there’s only scars there There are many hidden acne around here, if not removed early, it will develop into follicles I will use cotton swabs to assist Avoid creating additional injuries I will remove this inflammatory acne Inside this inflammatory acne, there are many pimple I will start taking this cyst It hasn’t gotten so bad yet, I need to get it out right away there is still a little inside There is a hidden acne here I will remove it, otherwise it will spread and affect the follicles below There are still some hidden acnes here I had to take 3 times to clean it completely Pimple is so big In this area, the skin is very thin so acne usually lies very deep below so when severe inflammation, it is easy to leave scars The epidermis and collagen are few and easily eaten by bacteria If anyone has acne in such skin areas, should treat properly and quickly, avoid scarring It’s very hard, but I’m trying to take it out If not taken, it will become cysts and create scars it’s not out yet, still inside Great skill is needed to get acne on thin skin areas I will continue to get acne, which is still there Acne is flying all over the place Although the pimple is very small, I have to spread it out to avoid it becoming inflamed acne It was out Around this scar there are many hidden acne Remove 1 hidden acne=remove 1 inflammatory acne Having 2 hidden acne here Take it out to reduce the risk of infection Each inflamed acne can form very large scars I am trying to remove hidden acne acne is flying Too fat, too big acne is very hard pimple structure like a spiral This big pimple is easier to get You must have good skills to get pimple with spiral structure If the skill is not good, it cannot be taken out 100% The pimple has spiral structure, if not carefully taken it will become inflamed I’m taking acnes, which still have a little pimple inside So huge I will get acnes in the mouth first It is very hard I had to remove it before it became inflamed I pop the acne above but the acne below has come out I will take some acne around it, then take it always When you see inflamed acne, you should remove the hidden acne around it first since this inflammatory acne is coming out, I’ll take it You should learn a lot of knowledge to better care for your skin, avoid such cases You should learn a lot of knowledge about using skincare products When the skin has acne, you should research carefully the treatment methods to choose an optimal method for you I’m trying to take it out it is very hard and deep This is the cause of this inflammation There is some hidden acne around it This inflamed acne continues to bleed and pus There is still a small hidden acne With my skills, I promise not to swell, leave no scars, bruises As you can see, it’s absolutely not swollen Absolutely no swelling, bruising, scarring If customers already have bruises before getting acne after taking, should replenish nutrients and use E-light technology to reduce bruises Reduce inflammation immediately Especially, after getting acne, we have to have technology and nutrients to support 1….2 3…4 5…6….7 These 7 acne, if not removed, they will inflame It is very hard and not easy to get I’m trying to find a position to put my finger, creating pressure so that the acne can go out 4 pimples were out A lot of hidden acnes and they are too hard He used 5 bottles of acne treatment products, which contain high levels of bleach It destroyed his skin very much He stopped using those products for 1 week, but his skin was still dry There are many acne here but they are very hard, I’ll get them next time The degree of skin destruction of those products is terrible These are inflamed acne Too big he will be instructed to use a doctor’s prescription medication to help fight inflammation faster, using electro-violet technology This is an inflammatory acne Some customers told me, after taking acne, they have greatly reduced itching You won’t see anything normally, but when I tighten his face, you’ll see it very clearly Thanks for your watching and see you again

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  • This client’s skin is tortured by this acne! I’m so glad your careful and excellent skills will help him. Please thank him for allowing us to observe his treatment in your postings. Please take care and try to avoid flying acne…

  • You are doing such a good job of getting a lot of acne out without damaging his skin. I know it takes a lot of skill to do that. Well done!

  • Awesome work.

  • Is that iodine you use in most your videos?

  • Do Thu, người bạn gọi là mụn cóc trong video này thực sự là những nang nhỏ hoặc Mila, và bạn đúng là bạn của tôi. Nếu nó bật ra toàn bộ như một viên ngọc nhỏ, nó sẽ không quay trở lại. Nhưng nếu bạn để lại bất cứ thứ gì phía sau chất thì nó sẽ quay trở lại. Bạn của bạn ở Canada, Jenn. Do Thu, the one you called a wart in this video are actually small cysts or Mila, and you are correct my friend. If it pops out whole like a small pearl it will not come back. But if you leave anything behind of substance it will come back. Your friend in Canada, Jenn.

  • I told you before, a cheese grater is not a toy.

  • Please tell me there is part 2!!!!

  • Hiiiiiiii Ms Hien 🙋💜😘 Wow! Amazing extractions 👏 Thank you for sharing your work! Have a fabulous Friday 💜💋

  • Hello Hien
    Best wishes to this brave young man

  • EYE PROTECTION! Replace mask when removed.

  • Way to much talking and repeats herself constantly. Great technique though. Just would be nice 2 hear the background music without all the talking the whole way through the video.

  • Please give this young person my respect and blessings.. it Is not a great time for him and his pain must be bad.. it will look bad for a while, but he will get better.. keep up with your work on him.. and tell him not to give up nor get disheartened.. he looks a lovely young man.. bless you both.

  • Fabulous as always my friend! 💐💐

  • Please somebody turn off this music 😵🤯

  • Nặn mụn cũng nguy hiểm ghê

  • That ear problem looks like an infection from those ear piercings.

  • Wow! Really big ones still

  • I'd wear safety glasses when treating cystic acne to protect my eyes from explosions. I assume these are quite easily available in Vietnam, whether surgical "splash masks" are or not.

  • Gloves gloves GLOVES! FOR THE LOVE OF THE KUNGFLU!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Ya Kim, splashguard would be good here. It reminds me of how I learned this lesson… Many years ago when I was working as a CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse) I was working with an elderly man who was on a ventilator who had a very virulent pneumonia. One of the things one must do to keep an airway clear for people such as him is to suction the gunk, or pussy sputum, out of the trachea. One of the things a nurse does is to introduce some sterile saline into the endotracheal tube to loosen the sputum up so it's easier for the patient to cough it up and the nurse to suction it out. This particular man was having a very hard time with the amount and stubbornness of the gunk in his lungs. He coughed hard and sputum went flying. I was wearing a mask, but not a splashguard and the sputum went right into my face and into my eyes. The intern on duty put me down on his cot with a bucket under my head and took a liter of IV saline and ran the entire liter into my eyes to flush them out. I had to go down to the ER to have Iloticin applied, and had to be off work for several days to be sure there was no serious infection and that it would not be contagious. Lesson learned. I requisitioned splashguards and never suctioned a vent patient, pneumonia or not, without protecting my eyes again. The weirdest thing was, for you medical geeks out there, that the bacteria in question was Klebsiella Pneumoniae, a gram negative bacterium ordinarily found in the GI tract but can go to the lungs. The fact that it was in my eyes was of particular curiosity to the medical staff and I had to repeat the explanation of how it got there several times. Ya. Splashguards. They're a good thing.

  • This was fantastic Hien. The acne just kept on coming. Be careful of the acne and blood shooting out and into your face. You are doing an awesome job on this young man. Stay safe and well my friend.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • I need to hide the commentary, love to watch but don't understand what's hidden about all these blocked pores.
    Just remove them, ideal. 👌

  • Great work! I love that you explain the unusual types of pimples, but sometimes the words come up right over the pops & we can't see the. Is there any way to avoid this? Thank You.

  • I’m curious what you do after extractions? I know after a tough client Enilsa will ice there skin down to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

  • 29:15 😄😄😄

  • This is for whomever is handling the English subtitles…I just wanted to let you know that one of your translations is incorrect. What was identified as a wart is actually called a Milia in English. I'm sure it's not easy translating some Vietnamese terms into English so I hope this helps.

  • Oh wow, his ear being fixed by you must have been such a relief. Fantastic work! 😮💐

  • It gave me anxiety to watch that person wipe away the blood without a glove!
    Bloodborne pathogens are very real! Gloves, gowns and face shields are a must!

  • Ma l' assistente senza guanti che aiuta il collega a pulire il sangue? Ma scherziamo? Ma come lavorate?

  • この青年の肌はひどく乾燥しています。食事にも関係ありますか?血が飛んだ時は びっくり しました。治療する前に問診をしていますが、血液の病気が怖いです。Hien マスクにかかったり、撮影していた女性の顔に飛びましたが 大丈夫でしたか?手袋が血で汚れたら すぐ取り替える❗Hien が清潔好きなところが好きです。

  • Um wtf is that person doing anywhere near you and the client, wiping blood without any gloves 🧤 on.

  • Another great video 😃 Hello from Australia!

  • Poor child! My heart cried out for him. Healing soon! Thanks so much for sharing your great work with us! Love from USA ❤️👍🏼

  • I totally know that I have a problem because the whole time she’s doing dudes ear, I’m looking in there like do you need to clean the inside of his ears out to and I’m not talking about pimples I’m talking about wax LOL

  • Em trai xài thuốc sao mà để mặt thấy thương dễ sợ

  • Face is looking soo much better! His face is obviously still swollen from stage 4-5 acne. U r changing that young man's life. Keep up the good work to get his face clear & less swollen from previous acne.

  • Why is the skin so dry?

  • Yikes, looks like u could do with some safety goggles 😳

  • you really are an expert. I couldn't see the acne but you got it every time. Thanks for posting this in English as well.

  • OMG 😳 Hien Van….I need more!!!!! Your videos are so addictive! Love it!!! Thank you 🙏 can’t wait for more!!!!!

  • Ooo I want the camera babe

  • This was really good to watch. Finding all that hidden acne was excellent. I like the way she calls it flying acne. 😂😂

  • I feel bad for the client when you "tsk..tsk" or laugh. Thats very unprofessional and insensitive.
    However I do respect the results you achieve.

  • Those white things on his face and not warts they’re called milia’s.

  • Welcome to the butcher shop!

  • Hien please be careful 💕

  • Hien Van, keep up the great work ladies! THANK YOU for the educational and instructional videos! HIEN VAN is NUMBER ONE!

  • How much better than starting off a video with a delicious ear pop! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Ça commence mal…
    Les 3 premières minutes vous nous montrez et répétez deux fois la même scène…et…ainsi de suite…ça continue comme ça !!!
    Et beaucoup vraiment beaucoup trop de sang, pour un "soin" digne de ce nom !!!
    Ce n"est le travail ni d"un dermatologue ni même d"une esthéticienne… c"est juste une écœurante boucherie ! 😱🤬👿

  • Hi Ms. Hien! This series of videos is so good. You keep doing what you’re doing. I am however going to join in the gentle scolding. We love you and your crew too much to risk any of you. I’m sure you followed all proper procedures in cleaning up, but we’re a bit of a neurotic bunch, so it might be better to skip some of the details from time to time. 😊

  • I like how see finds the clear pops

  • Those are not warts they are milia

  • Bless that boy: even his eyelids are dry.

  • Bonsoir hien. 😊
    J espère que vous et votre élève vous êtes remises de l effet de surprise c était très rapide !!🤗😉❤

  • Excellent

  • Your work is excellent, continues doing and using this tecnic. Good luck (desde argentina).

  • Breaking news… New sinkhole opens up in man's ear… Two cars lost already…

  • Wow another great video!! But yes please take care of yourself wear safety equipments

  • Those massive extractions were awesome! 👍😊❤️

  • And that is why we wear face masks, people!

  • Why ignore the HUGE pimple, that oozes infection each time a black head removed? So uneducated, BUT business smart…….the more little openings to cross contaminate, more return business. Such a true disservice to the client, this is NOT helping him.

  • If she picked his nose and fed him his own boogers people would be outraged; yet, wipe around his mouth with bloody infection saturated gauze and everyone is like, "FANTASTIC job, you are the best!" It quite comical non the less still gross as can be.

  • Good 👍 awesome! Cleaning!

  • The Adams family music cracks me up 😂😂😳😂

  • You can never be too careful when it comes to blood/bodily fluid exposure. Maybe some eye protection, or a clear face shield would be a good (and inexpensive) safety precaution. There are just way to many diseases you open yourself up to, and all it takes is tiny drop in your eye, mouth, etc…

  • She said warts. I think she meant Milia.

  • All of the while are mailia! Skill?

  • Wow! Great extractions!!

  • Music: the dance of the sugarplum fairy😂 meets Freddy Kruger

  • I love watching you work. I have one request though, as I only read English but can follow the patient's name, could you possibly number the videos in order as you post them? It would make it easier to follow them in their treatments. If you already do, I apologise and will pay better attention.

  • Why so much chatter?

  • No sense in stabbing that needle to the bone in that boys face..its ridiculous..all you would have to do is squeeze..nasty

  • Well that made a whole lot of sense (we must fight inflammatory)??? Who taught u how to talk? You can ease inflammatory I don't really think u can fight it, unless u on-guard it in a match with inflammatory drugs LMAO ‼️ U Oriental people really crack me up.😂😅🤣

  • That was NOT a wart,and those white doors are milia, you know nothing.

  • You are such a caring, amazing lady! Helping this young man who can't afford the treatments, shows what a wonderful person you are!

  • OMG! Acne goobers amok, flying everywhere. You seem more relaxed now. That’s a good thing.

  • One look at this patient's kisser and you'll see not only can't he pop his own zits in the privacy of his own bathroom, he's also dehydrated. Observe how scaly his lips are. When this session is done, he's gonna need an infusion of fresh blood as well.

  • Mrs Hein, I am so glad he found you. I know you will fix his skin. Thank you for the lessons and the English subtitles. I’m in Dallas, in Texas.

  • Interesting that you called his milias warts.

  • this is beyond her ability, the guy needs dermatologist not someone who does facials.

  • Me: why

    Brain: watch

    Me: but why

    Brain: shut up and watch

    Me: ok

    You: help subcribe

    Me: Beauty care

  • Is it a bird?
    Is it a plane?
    Its FLYING ACNE!!!!!

  • I love how ykou explain what you do.

  • Acho desnecessário furar tantas vezes,deve doer bastante por um bom tempo, além de ficar as marcas, gosto muito desses vídeos mais não fure tanto assim .

  • He also has a lot of milia on his eye lids.

  • For the love of God please use eye protection and keep a face mask on! Otherwise great video!

  • His skin is gonna look soo much better. And without meds. You got the infection out, Sadly most westerners believe in medicating everything when it doesn't have to be that way.

  • I look forward to more videos.Keep it up! and anyone Would love to be my YouTube friends? 🙂 I am looking forward

  • Thank you I truly enjoy watching a professional at work. Please consider goggles for you and your staffs protection.

  • That ear looked more like an infection caused by a bad piercing than acne…

  • You just called milia a wart? That's not a wart… At all.

  • Você não tira o saco!

  • So wrong… but so good

  • I'd love an @ozzymanreviews at the beginning of this video!!!

  • I bread that a woman fluid from her is good masturbation of the 'clear the skin off so does the male sperm maybe you should try the girl that was working for me told me that it work for it sounds gross but it worked

  • Why the hell doesn’t the person wiping blood of your gloved hand have gloves on themselves 🙄

  • I feel horrible for this young man.
    Hopefully, this treatment will help

  • Why don't you squeeze these areas hard enough to clean the area well enough. You don't seem to want to clean out all the puss

  • I love the Adams Family music 😆

  • Did I just see someone wiping up blood with no gloves on?

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