Cách điều trị mụn viêm, mụn bọc hiệu quả | Duy Phương | part 2. Tại Hiền Vân Spa – bài 249

Where Hien take goes, it will reduce and it will also reduce itching The multiply acne has come out Many people ask Hien how to know if the acne is completely gone or not Hien will show you for inflammatory acne when it is completely gone it will leave a hole like this You will see a hole still Any more acne like that, it won’t end It’s like this, is still acne inside Hien also doesn’t know what to say because when Hien looks at acne end or not it is like a natural reflex so now hien will take this lump Hien will explain to everyone to show you because it doesn’t bleed It ‘s over This is a acne It’s over This is a small hole, inside it is clean nothing more Hien will take another one for you to see This is a acne It’s over Hien will take this section to reduce contact with the other inflammation we should not touch too much inflammation this a acne end inside it will have a hole but when it bleeds we cannot see it often when Hien take acne Hien usually zoom enlarges to see the pimples located inside the pores He still has a lot of acne he has a lot of acne and his skin is very thin We will take the acne up here For this skin we have to take great care because his skin is very weak It is still inside Hien thinks to know if there is still acne inside, we must feel and accumulate experience for ourselves will optional on whether it leaves a hole Can you see it’s a little bit still If we look closely, there are lots of small pimples around Those are small acne we can see, some them are covered by inflammatory acne In this part, it is very hard and the skin is very thin Hien will take the big one first As for your skin, Hien will take acne inflammatory first Hien will take the hidden acne after The cases in Hien are very serious, , most of them treated other places ineffective then they came to Hien These hidden pimples we will take next time we can’t get it all at once 2-3 pimple are located here because he squeezed acne and touched it a lot in his eyebrows a lot hidden acne like these are the cause of cystic acne Hien will take the hidden acne first very big Acne in this part a lot 6 pimple Hien will inch into 6 head acne We will squeeze it out slowly It’s very big an acne Sometimes it will eat into a capsule like this if we miss one of these six acne it will grow into follicles we just need to take one lump and it will encroach into cysts This part he’s a lot of hidden pimples The acne is very long Most of his acne is very deep We need a really good technique to get it out This is a cyst and around There are many hidden acne, sometimes we take hidden acne first, sometimes we take it later If the skin is too thin, we will have to get cysts first For thin skin, we will prioritize getting cysts first If you press it lightly, it will break We prioritize take cysts first if anyone is not that skilled take this acne it will leave a long scar like this If take correctly, it will not leave any scars And here he had a scar before his treatment at Hien it shoots Inside it there is a lot of blood and pus, we cannot take for once Press this acne , it will out another acne Hien looking take acne at it seems very strong but the damage to it is very little Hien looking take acne at it seems very strong but the damage to it is very little The key is to keep the acne skin from scratching and when we limit the damage there will be no scars We see lots of cysts very much This is also a cyst you see multiply acne no It’s what we need to take out and it has a lot of acne here Can you see it? From these small acne it forms acne multiply acne very big The damage of this pore is very large Hien thank you for your interest and follow Hien💓💓 To wish all you have a nice day at work🍀💕

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