Cách điều trị mụn viêm, mụn bọc hiệu quả | Duy Phương | part 1. Tại Hiền Vân Spa – bài 248

Hien hello to all of you💖 Today we will refer to the skin of a customer with hidden acne, inflammation is very much Let’s see treatment regimen for this skin The reason why she has so many acne Now let’s look at the skin and analyze it to find the most appropriate treatment regimen and especially the spa owners who do not have much experience You can refer to Guys, this is a puberty acne Hien said many problems in puberty acne We all know when it is puberty 100% of us have acne, more or less Many parents have thought that when children reach puberty acne will go away on its own Most people think that your skin is small If going to treatment will not be safe will leave pitted scars and weak skin But sometimes the parents themselves can damage their skin The day before Hien received a call from a customer in Hai Phong, she asked Hien Her child got acne, She let babe use red ginseng At the beginning, it was peeled off The skin looks very ok, then she think she must have done something good for she children but after 3 months of discontinuation, it breaks out acne a lot and now her baby’s face is scarred a lot and knowing that Hien Van spa is very good at treating scars, she also wants to come here for treatment, but because she is far away and her children go to university, she has not had the opportunity to enter. She plans to send baby to Ha Noi Hospital for treatment Hien also hopes baby will treatment it well because when she grows up but her skin face is ugly, she will also be very guilty and yesterday a friend from Phú Yên shared with Hien Her brother has acne a lot when he was go soldier he’s not the best in that platoon, but keep mentioning acne people will think of him first😂 After returning from the army, he kept feeling complex and when the house has a party he always calls busy and he is actively making money to treat acne, Now that acne is mentioned, everyone thinks of him His mother and sister also saved money to bring him to Saigon to treat acne sometimes we just lack a little bit of knowledge Leaving consequences for children or family members so when we have acne we need to hear from experts about acne and listen to the treatment regimen You often think that have to be a good doctor to treat acne but must be specialized doctors to be good The most important thing is to see who they have treated and all acne If we can’t prove to whom we have treatment, how can they trust us Now let’s see his skin and Hien will share more for you There are many people who want a smooth skin for themselves but unknowingly hurt their skin This is the skin of an 18 year old customer and he shared with Hien that he has also go treated Hien said the other day, there were still many cysts in his skin These are very deep inflammatory acne we look like a normal inflamed acne but not It is like acne cysts and us if not treated promptly it will leave scars and treatment regimen, we need a high-tech machine Shoot acne spots to fight inflammation and combine them with running nutrition and nutrients must be good Hypoallergenic, common acne skin It is very sensitive if we put bad nutrients into it, it is easy to get irritated when we arbitrarily take acne it will create cysts and bottles like this And the consequences you probably know already When scarring, the cost of treatment is very high, and it takes a lot of time His skin is scarred a lot now When we see our children having acne we should take the initiative take your child for acne treatment Hien had a client in Kien Giang when his son had acne, he called Hien Listen to advice for a long time He also took me to Can Tho city for treatment but when he heard the advice, they said My child has acne but don’t know why did not specify the treatment regimen, but when he called Hien for advice He saw the clarity, so he decided to take his son to a spa to treat acne from Kien Giang to Saigon to treat acne He is a good father he said that he used to have acne and he understood that feeling, he didn’t want his children to be the same when scarred it is very unsightly and no longer confident parents when our children get acne we think it is arbitrarily treated at home or go to the doctor for small pimples it may go away but the big pimples If we take it improperly it is easy to leave a scar on the skin for the method of Hien when taking acne Hien committed to reduce acne, reduce dark blurred scars, when we run nutrients it has blurred dark scars, absolutely no new scars unless you had scars before, during treatment In spa, combined with running nutrition, it will fade new scars for you Absolutely no scars In this case Hien takes about 10 times take acne for this skin Hien treatment combines high-tech machine and run nutrition He is only 18 years old and he went to treatment but it didn’t end when you go to treat acne we need to be persistent When we go to treatment here and they give the regimen 10 times, we have to go enough then we will know whether it is effective or not, usually the prestigious place they finished treating once time we can see the effectiveness of acne decreases. If we have been treated 2-3 times without decreasing then we should review Hien’s side usually after each acne treatment will be reduced and penetrations also decreases he is still going solo, not shooting elight nor have not yet received intensive treatment when Hien take acne Hien always avoids skin damage to customers because acne skin is very weak 100% when we treat we have to run nutrition because when your skin is weak It’s very vulnerable so we have to run nutrients to nourish it healthy otherwise it will easily leave a scar Hien takes the baby from skin damage, if we keep trying take it will scratch on the surface very much then it will be easy to leave scars Hien’s way of getting acne is to minimize the most damage Hien should have taken the hidden acne before but because the other one was so ripe it had broken It is still inside Hien will get it again It has a lot of pus The pimple on which it has such mucus are our flesh is it is being necrotic, it is very deep inflammation and scars easily Hien took acne without hurt much Hien get where it will reduce this acne it is not all gone, if all, then we need not go a course 10- Guys, we should not use essence peeling or cream mix blood and pus inside a lot Inside it there are many small acne there are still many acne around In this part it is bruising after applying the drug it will decrease Hien will line the cotton pad so that it will not hurt in this part In this section, Hien will Lining cotton to take acne His skin is very thin and weak now It is very fragile epidermis above Use cotton to reduce damage According to you in these two acne we should which one should we get first? If the two acne near at each other like this There are a lot of hidden acne around, but we have to take inflamed acne first Hien will choose this lump first because it is less inflammatory and Hien will also This move acne when you press it will out both Thank you for supporting Hien’s videos💕💕 Wish you have a nice day🍀💓

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    Many of us greatly appreciate these very informative, educational videos! Especially grateful for the subtitles! You work hard to do all of this!🌹🌹🌹
    Thank you! This young man is on the road to recovery and confidence!
    Video tuyệt vời, chị Hiền! Xin vui lòng, không cải thiện bất cứ điều gì! (Ngoại trừ có thể tận hưởng kỳ nghỉ, nhưng hãy chắc chắn chia sẻ với video!🤗 )
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  • Hien, thank you for explaining (and in English, bless you!) about acne. In the early 70's, we suffered without much medical help or knowledge. We were told to not eat chocolate and greasy pizza. I was given a myriad of medications, a little bottle of cover-up foundation (that smelled) you added tint to match your skin shade and told to use straight rubbing alcohol or Seabreeze. I also used a sunlamp. That was brutal. I was so mean to my skin it's a wonder I still had any by my 20's. Then we could take birth control pills but Mother said no. There is so much knowledge, experiments, pharmaceuticals available now. But it's still there. My sister and brother didn't have any zits. Same parents, same household, same food and background but had no acne. I finally took Accutane, which really made a difference. For about 20 years my skin was great. It also healed my scars. Then, boom, it's back, on a smaller scale.
    Everything you talked about is true. Thanks.🙌🙌👍👍👍👂👂👀👀

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