Cách điều trị mụn ẩn – mụn viêm hiệu quả uy tín TPHCM. Tại Hiền Vân Spa – bài 246

Hien Van spa hello all of you Today Hien will review a client named her named Thu Lien She is currently in Binh Duong When acne, we should not take acne Or take acne medication home treatment that we should Find a reputable place for us to get our acne the right way and must have the nutrients and special acne medication, you should not buy any medications yourself Like yesterday, Hien shared about Mai Thao Moc acne medication People advertise, review is very ok but it was just an advertisement, some of you used it and then you saw it at first Your skin is very beautiful but then there is a lot of acne It also wears and thinens the skin That is also an expensive lesson for us to refer Hien recommends that when we have acne, we should not arbitrarily take acne except acne bran and and blackheads you can get some yourself a little If you have inflammatory acne, it is best to seek a reputable place to treat it Correct method and how to get acne right Then we need good nutrients to restore the skin and nurture it to avoid the case where we have open pores and leave bruises and pitted scars to avoid such cases as you this Hien’s customer You know, when we have acne, we often have this problem with oil is that right, often we get acne, we often get a lot of oil Our skin is very oily Look at the picture like that Her acne is inflamed and has spots it has a lot of bottled inside, can see through images we do not see very clearly but in fact she suffers a lot Her skin today after four treatments Today is the fifth time, and we see a very clear change Today Hien will take her acne once and next week she will make nonmetal Nonmetal methods will help tighten pores Restores her weak and thin skin and treat bruises and scars Non-metallic once will improve the scars, dark to 30-40% If later you have white scars, then we Use peel off Cup, grinding edge, and the cost will also be very high We should treat early on dark scars, bruises Treat pores and restore skin tighten pores in a nonmetallic once we can treat five pathologies We can see after four treatments that the results were amazing Currently her skin reduces oil and density Acne drops a lot but it still has hidden acne inside Hien decided to still get acne for her today, next week she will be made nonmetal When we have acne, we have a lot of congestion this side of her cheek Her skin is weak, and there are still some pimples. Today Hien will take acne her next week will be her nonmetal Her skin is now healthier and it reduces oil Looking at the picture, you can see that her skin is very oily because she bought the medicine herself for treatment, so her skin is irritated and very weak but she has been in the spa for a month so it has dropped a lot For acne treatments like this, first we still have to get rid of acne Then we will use medicine to combat inflammation After take acne it is imperative that we use nutrients, serum to put on the skin It must first have anti-inflammatory ingredients and it restores damaged areas make acne-prone skin healthy and help support it Treating bruises mainly helps our skin not to leave scars When our skin is weak and we take acne it will be hurt it is easy to leave scars, when we run nourishment it will limit less damage Currently her skin is very ok when Hien treated Definitely have to combine she with her face mask at home for better regeneration Hien now take acne The outside view is very normal but acne is hidden inside a lot and this is the reason hien hasn’t given her nonmetal Hien feels not okay So don’t let her nonmetal Hien will continue to take her acne The skin looks very normal but the acne is hidden inside a lot and very big

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  • Great job. Her skin is much improved, 💕

  • First pop at 6:30. Excellent video as always! You have such vast knowledge along with complete extractions. Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Hello sweet lady! So happy to see your wondrous new video! You are one amazing woman! The transformation for your client is superior!

  • Love your work!

  • What an improvement! 👏👏👏👏

  • Good morning Hiền. You are lovely tonight! Good lesson again, so on her next visit, you will start with the treatment using the non metallic method to deliver the serum and nutrients. You can do this because the inflammatory acne has been extracted, correct? So may I ask, to clear up scarring and hyperpigmentation will it respond better if it is new? Or does the scarring heal better if it has been there for a long time? Thank you for the video, my friend!🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹😘😘🤣

  • Lesson 236 – thank you for a great subtitled and close up video. So much detail to take in and understand – am sure the loyal crew who have watched for many years will help me to understand. I would like to make a request/suggestion if you don’t mind – the transformation from the pictures is great. You said it’s her 5th visit and she has been coming to you for 1 month. If you have her previous visits already uploaded could you include them in your description by adding links. This would help with all uploads you do on all your clients if you are documenting a course of treatment. Hope you don’t mind my asking. We the subscribers can then remind ourselves of their previous visits. Many thanks. Alex.

  • Hello Hein! This client’s skin is amazing compared with the first visit. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the first visit. 🌺🦋😋👍💕👀

  • Nice job, as always!

  • Кожа на лице была в ужасном состоянии.Сейчас мы видим хорошую работу косметолога.

  • Wow, this client's skin has improved so much! I'm sure it has helped her feel more confident. 👍👏💃. As always, I appreciate the English explanation. I am learning little bits of information about acne. Thank you! 😍

  • Her skin is looking great. I know she is happy. Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️

  • Here we go again…lesson book out……🙏👠👠

  • Non-metal? Please explain.

  • The song of Hien Van Spa you listen to


  • Thank you, the explanation of what you are doing and why in the translations are extremely helpful. We now know it is not just popping pimples but a healing process . All this is supported by the excellent work that is done by the camera person..best wishes…🙏👠👠

  • Hien, thank you for a good video and so much good information. It explains so much about the nonmetal process. With love from Australia.

  • What I meant about camera was that the person doing it is doing a great job……..very clear..🙏👠👠

  • What is the non metal method you speak of?

  • Boring video

  • Well done Hien. The young lady’s face looks so much better.💖💖🥰🥰🌹🌹

  • Wow! What a transformation Hien! You’re truly amazing at what you do. Thanks for the video.

  • You talk too much.

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