Cách điều trị mụn ẩn – mụn viêm hiệu quả. Tại Hiền Vân Spa – bài 236

Hien van spa hello everyone💓 Today, customers have inflamed acne very much not only inflammation but also calluses If the inflammation head acne is soft, the acne will be taken very quickly we only need to take it 4-5 times but here Her acne has calloused, hardened like a acne cyst Cystic acne is very callous and hard When acne calluses so Hien’s task is to make it out we should not use bamboo tubes, glass tubes to suck it out so it will break through the epidermis breaking into acne so it will very hurt damage Usually done that way will leave scars If you go to the doctor they will often make an incision or an injection with Hien treatments will take multiply acne out slowly make it softer Once it is out, Hien will take it slowly until it runs out and absolutely do not leave scars That is Hien’s method of treatment And the spa is always committed and warranted to the customer Take a look at this section Normally it looks like it’s just bruise Not like a severe acne skin There was no expression inflammation, but when Hien enlarge out Acne very much

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  • First here , let’s see how long before the experts arrive…

  • Good Morning Hien
    Always lovely to see your lovely smile

  • Thanks for posting Hien!

  • 3:50 for start of extractions. 🙂

  • You are spoiling us. A subtitled one with thanks. Appreciate the extra effort made for your subscribers

  • Good work Hiện & thanks for the explanation in the subtitles. Will you be treating the young man too, I assume he was worried about his skin? 😊🥰🤗

  • 1.) too much talking 2.) not enough popping 3.) too much excessive squeezing.

  • Good morning Hien. You didn't exaggerate when you said the acne was callous, those blackheads came out like little sticks! Lots of cysts hidden deep in the skin too. You are so passionate about what you do. Talking to the young man about his and making the young lady smile while you worked on her skin. The subtitles were very good. Thank you my lovely friend!🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤😘😘😘🌹🌹🌹😍😍😍💋💋💋

  • She talks a lot…..

  • Love from Texas, USA!!

  • She touched the one guy's face with dirty bloody gloves from the other guys face!!! WTF!!!! She nasty and uneducated.

  • A for sure "Goodie" here that's also a new "Keeper!"

    ♡ ♡ Thanks to you for the extra information and to all of you for sharing, Ms. Hien. ♡ ♡

  • Hien may I ask you a question. I know everyone has different pain threshold and different acne can cause different pain but which tends to be the most sensitive area of the face to take acne from whether hidden or inflamed – under the eye , the neck or chin ? Also someone mentioned somewhere that you use a numbing cream. Is that true. Sorry if I ask a question you have precious answered. In fact if anyone has the answer pls feel free to clarify for me. With thanks

  • Endless, gulping chatter is maddening!!

  • I hope that thd patient cleans her teeth well also

  • Too much talk not much work getting done. Every pore needs to b poked and extracted! Very scattered weak work. Waste of patients time and $. Sad.

  • Too much talking, not enough popping. Not a good video

  • Dùng HẾT công lực luôn đó NGHE cái cười sặc luôn chị Hiền Vân ơi. Vậy là điều trị khách hàng này XONG chị bị tổn thương nguyên khí cần phải bế công dưỡng thương thôi hj hj

  • Unfortunately this video is yet another reason that I’ve stopped watching her videos. She doesn’t empty the pore completely, she misses several all over the face and just doesn’t do a complete job, I much prefer Loan to her as she really cleans everything out well. Update your tactics and you’ll have more viewers.

  • I would love to watch but a lil hard watching her talk to some else while she has a patient in front of her. She loves to talk and loves all the attention. I wish you the best. Buy

  • Why won't you do performance on removing acne or cyst or pus or anything from a female vagina for a female body like the breast vagina four front and back in the vagina

  • That lady on her phone while getting a face massage was killing me, lol! 🤣🤣🤣

  • I hoe there’s a part two…I want to see the one under the nose pop

  • Love your videos Hein

  • Had to be the strangest video on this subject yet

  • Thank you for sharing your work and your knowledge with us again dear friend. 🌹

  • I'm so happy with the subtitles! Now we get the Gist of what you're saying. Another great video, you do wonderful work and help out so many. Keep it up!

  • Слишком длинные у нее ногти. Все лицо распахала. Не хотела бы я попасть к такому "врачу".

  • Nossa, que lerdeza, a pessoa perde muito tempo, tem que ser mais ágil

  • What is the point in wearing gloves when you TWICE move your hair back from your face while wearing the gloves you then use in the client? Shocking! You should move your hair and then change the gloves to new ones for use on the client. IT’S EVEN WORSE, WHEN YOU ARE TALKING TO THE OTHER PERSON YOU TOUCH HIS FACE SEVERAL TIMES, MOVE YOUR FRINGE AND THEN TOUCH YOUR CLIENT AND RETURN TO WORK WITHOUT CHANGING YOUR GLOVES!! Surely you are just moving germs from persons to person??

  • Hello, but when someone does not speak your language, it is a little bit hard with sound. But you did a great job.

  • Chị giỏi quá

  • Cô Hiền dùng gì trên mặt? Cô ấy hoàn toàn tỏa sáng với sự hoàn hảo! 🤗💖

  • Hold the camera still

  • All I saw was lots of blood.

  • Not a good video. Empty the pore for once

  • Stop talking for over 3 minutes at the beginning NO ONE wants to hear you!!! Just pop the zits don’t stop to talk or anything else just pop!!!

  • It would be terrific if you all to think kinder politer thoughts and be careful what you write. We are not customers and I don’t see Hien asking for advice so we should just sit back and enjoy or move on. I’m sure Rotten apples is a troll so perhaps it’s best not to reply. Reporting any nastiness is the most productive thing to do.

  • Another interesting Video Hien which I learnt from. No joke talk about difficult. Thank you with kind regards from Australia.

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