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Guys this is a very weak and sensitive skin Hien in you skin has a lot of hidden acne This acne skin is located very deeply and you can see that there are veins blood on this skin These veins are caused by her using an abrasive acne medication that dries out the skin Maybe she also uses whitening creams that contain corticoid and when our skin is weak it loses the cuticles on our skin and our skin gets Without resistance it will form acne like this Acne hide a lot we have to take the acne and run the recovery nutrients Let the epidermis thicken Helps increase collagen production, which helps our skin has elasticity There is elasticity it will have resistance And here is acne cyst of her cyst, this is because
she itch and pry This is a cystic acne drive You can see that her skin is very weak When we take acne incorrectly our skin will have scars like this This is a very scarred skin This is blackhead if we take blackheads properly It will not inflame, not scarred and dark for acne on the forehead Hien will take about 60% it will end up about 60% She used to treat acne a lot of places but it didn’t go away Her skin is very weak right now Today is the first time she went to a skin examination and received counseling Today is her first session Her acne density is very much acne have head and tail like this when we do not take all it will become inflamed For this acne Hien take only a little pinkish after applying the mask, she would go home and it would be over When Hien take forces the acne , it will be slightly pink with the method of taking acne of Hien absolutely will not swell, red or scars multiply acne very big With this acne Hien took once was completely clean for the forehead, Blackheads and hidden acne like this Hien once take it will reduce by about 60% 60% for the forehead, and for the cheeks later, Hien will watch Her cheeks are inflamed, lots of acne are hidden under her skin The acne is very deep below and we have to take it slowly so that the skin is not damaged, most importantly after the acne is finished, we do not have bruises, scars That is an important issue Like when Hien turned around her cheeks, the left cheek due to her improperly take acne, she had dark spots and scars Hien share the most important when treating acne We have to find a reputable spa For a reputable spa, then after a first treatment We can already see the result At least acne must be reduced by 20% 20% as Hien said of her forehead after one treatment Acne will be reduced by about 60% Immediately after the first treatment For a prestigious spa they will give you a very clear result if not reputable they will not promise you anything, they just say After finishing the skin treatment, all acne will be gone have end all acne, you do not know If you take it home, it will swell If not swollen, the acne will spread out So when treatment Hien, say the first important thing is how to get acne when you take acne properly it will not swell or leave bruises Absolutely no scars, after each take acne is reduce many people ask Hien After take acne, is it necessary to run the nutrients? According to Hien’s experience it is necessary because when your skin has acne Every skin is weak and sensitive Our skin needs nutrients to feed If we don’t have good nutrients to nourish our skin, skin we’ll be weaker and weaker Increasing recurrent acne does not subside The more damage our skin has, the faster Rapid aging When too much damage is accompanied by dark circles, scars, wrinkles Sometimes there will be melasma, brown spots, age spots many are young but Melasma is very heavy When seeing that skin, Hien is very sad But since you are young, you want to have white skin, so use strong bleaching creams or matter peeling eraser It is very abrasive to the skin and many friends due Listen to friends should only use and looking forward to a beautiful skin when we have acne we have to take acne Most of the time when we go to the doctor they say that we should not take acne that will leave pores and dark spots when we take acne the effect will be higher After take acne we run nutrients into it will help our skin regenerate very quickly Restores skin when our skin has an elasticity which will look smoother and more taut and it does not dry out It is a fully nourished skin When the acne is done, we should run the nutrients💓 The skin is weak if it doesn’t run to nourish your skin healed for a long time Thank you for your support Hien💕💕 Hien loves you guys very much🤞😘 have a good day🥰💕

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  • Hello Hien 🙂❤🌷

  • Another blood bath. Mini, but there’s no need if she used q-tips, there would be 1/16 of that, even less. Someone take that syringe away from the sadist,

  • Thank you, Ms Hien.
    I always appreciate your videos and following your client's progress! 💝

  • It is very interesting to hear your analysis. I don't know why people would down vote this so much.Surely the sharing of knowledge is good?

  • That was quick! No more english subtitles. Incomplete pops. The worse is gloves full of puss. That was shortlived. Unsubcribed

  • Good morning Hien. The extractions were precise and thorough, the subtitles were very good. The camera work was not as good as most of your videos but I am sure there is good reason and there were still many extractions to see. Thank you for all you do!🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤😘😘😘🌹🌹🌹🤗🤗🤗🌺🌺🌺👏👏👏

  • Another excellent educational video

  • với nhiều sự tôn trọng và lòng biết ơn tôi cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ video của bạn. khách hàng của bạn đến với mụn trứng cá rất lớn chứa đầy nhiễm trùng, họ phải được giảm đau rất nhiều và áp lực khi bạn mở chúng và loại bỏ tất cả các nội dung. điều này khiến tôi tôn trọng bạn hơn, bởi vì điều đó thể hiện trong mắt bạn rằng bạn muốn mang đến cho khách hàng kết quả tốt nhất có thể. một lần nữa, có thể nhiều lời chúc phúc và thịnh vượng đến nhà bạn, đến nhà của nhân viên, khách hàng của bạn và nhiều người theo dõi bạn trên youtube hỗ trợ những gì bạn đang làm bằng cách xem và thích video của bạn. với rất nhiều sự tôn trọng và lòng biết ơn luôn luôn, từ người bạn của bạn ở Ontario, Canada. Hồn With much respect and gratitude I thank you for sharing your videos. your clients that come in with very large acne that are filled with infection, they must get great relief from the pain and the pressure when you open them and remove all the contents. this makes me respect you more, because it shows in your eyes that you want to give the client the best outcome possible. again, may many blessings of joy and prosperity come to your house, to the houses of your staff, your clients, and your many followers on youtube that support what you are doing by watching and liking your videos. with much respect and gratitude always, from your friend in Ontario, Canada. Jenn.

  • Nice video, as always, Hien!

  • This was a GREAT VIDEO!! I do enjoy it when you use the English subtitles!! You speak a lot about “skin whitening products “. Is there ever a situation where they would be beneficial??? I get the impression they are never really good for your skin??

  • Thank you again for the tutoring….we learn so much…….🙏👠👠

  • Thank you Hien for anther good lesson in Acne skincare. You are a very good Aesthetician and teacher.

  • Loved this video, would love to see you work in person, you are so kind to your clients ,

  • Bad camera

  • Slow tedious blurry & boring.

  • This is a very educational video- thank you for sharing, Hien! What sort of skin nutrients do you recommend?

  • Thank you for the video and explanations. So interesting! 🌹

  • Hello Hien I just wanted you to know your camera was very blurry for a bit❣️

  • Maybe down vote because of the thumbnail with a dirty glove – not the way to get veiwers

  • Hello Hien I love your videos and advice, the way you are so careful with a clients skin. I am lucky at 60 I have never had acne but my son did, he was so unhappy with his skin. I would love to see more before and after pictures if we can, I believe that your spa is a top quality one and your clients are lucky. Keep up the amazing work a huge fan from Belgium 🇧🇪🌟🌟

  • Is there a way to turn off the huge captions or are we stuck with them?

  • Mụn này đi hiền vân là ok đi chỗ khác nặn bg cây là hư da

  • Thanks Hiện for another great video 😊🥰🤗

  • 😄😊Another job well done!!!😊🌷🎈♥️

  • What does "run the nutrients" mean? masks? moisturizer? spf?



  • Please find a new camera person…..the person doing the camera work is all over the place and its completely out of focus. Your work is way too good for the camera person to keep messing up.

  • Hien, your gentle pricking of the skin and the careful squeezing of the whitehead mean that there will not be scarring or inflammation. Removal of the small whiteheads and blackheads prevents them from growing into large inflamed pustules or creating enlarged pores. This is so important in maintaining a healthy skin for the future. Great job!

  • Please use another camera person, ur extractions are great but the jiggling ruined it

  • what do you mean when you say that you must take the acne slowly?

  • Cho cháu hoi cortibion co tri mun duoc khong????

  • Wow….sad pictures tonight!!!!

  • Pity about the less than perfect videography. Perhaps some more training would be useful?

  • So blurry this video 🙁 But your work is magnificent, as always Hien!!! 🤩💜⭐️💜🥳

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