Cách điều trị mụn ẩn – mụn đầu đen hiệu quả. Tại Hiền Vân Spa – bài 236

very hard It is very hard Hien wishes it had the same head as these acne it will be easier for Hien if it had a head acne it would be a lot easier Mostly it has no head it remains still inside very hard This is also a very hard lump it’s not hard that we don’t take it, we take a little bit every day so that it has an effect it pushes the multiply acne out Each time we take out a little bit Each time you take a little, it will come out slowly Hien will take it slowly so there is no scar Can you see the acne? Hien take acne will certainly not swollen, red his skin is very weak, the elasticity of collagen fibers is very poor so the healing of wounds will also be slower than others You can see his skin wounds heal more slowly than others when we have acne we shouldn’t let the skin get infected with corticoid This is corticoid-infected skin This is a hidden acne calloused The acne is very hard These are acne calluses and Hien take them slowly Can you see the latex? When corticoid infection we should limit the use of slowly should not stop immediately If it stops immediately it will be pimples and very itchy You should try to limit the use of corticoid, the more you use the skin, the faster it will get weaker Like you, this client, Hien, does not give she use corticoid Hien forced her to stop using immediately because Hien has support for inflammatory drugs and machines the skin when infected corticoid When you come to the spa you can stop using right away If you stay at home you have to stop using it slowly those who treated the spa, them had to stop using corticoid immediately The spa has medication and assistive devices so there is no fear of pimples and itching when stopped immediately And those at home should stop slowly look at this part it wants bottles and darken but the acne is still not out Hien will only touch this acne You can see the acne is very small, if not remove it end will cause darkening and inflammation This section acne very much very hard Do you know why acne is so hard? Do you know why? Hien took absolutely no swelling, redness Such hard acne is because her skin is infected with corticoid losing the elasticity of the skin then when the acne to where it will safes deep back there it has no elasticity it will not promote collagen fibers head acne can’t surface on the surface If collagen fibers are still elastic and Elasticity then force the acne will be pushed up It has new cells that will push the acne core up but in this skin collagen fibers completely lose elasticity When it is inelastic, when it gets acne it caches at that part makes it very hard We all know that acne is formed by the congestion of the mesoderm It hides very deep inside there are some soft pimples out Hien is very easy to take During the course of treatment, Hien also runs the recovery nutrients so it also reduces a little the outside looks very normal but there’s a lot of blood inside and pus Hien hopes your acne calluses will come out like this then take it very quickly, most afraid that it will not come out it’s rigid it doesn’t come out, out pus and blood so Hien took it very quickly These are also calluses acne It’s not swollen but inside it is very hard and very difficult to take You can see that she face has no inflammation but this case is very serious Hien is using the nonmetallic method to keep her skin healthier Thank you for your support and follow Hien💓💓 Wish everyone a good day and have a good sleep🍀💕

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