Butiqlab Serum For Skin Troubles – the ordinary acne treatment

Hello everyone, today I brought a skincare product. This one is a serum from the brand Butiqlab and the serum name is B5 Serum or in other name Gagle Serum. So first of all, why did I buy this product? You might already know that my skin was quite horrible in the last few weeks. So I was searching for especially Korean cosmetics that could fix my problem, and this is the newest product in my collection. So I wanted to make review about this product first and next time I will show other products, but today let’s talk about this one. Well, this is 100 ml, so it’s quite a big amount. Usually essences are not that concentrated, but they have about 100 or 150 ml in the package. And in the other hand, ampoules are super concentrated, but because of that you can buy only 10 or 20, 25 ml of them. And this product has quite a lot of amount in it like an essence, but at the same time it’s highly concentrated like an ampule. Because of that the price is also a bit higher than usually, it’s 70,000 Korean Won, but now it’s on discount, so you can buy it for 59,000 Korean Won. The ingredients are mostly safe. It contains Vitamin B5, Panthenol, Beta Glucan. These are the main ingredients that will soothe your skin. And also, it contains Sodium Hyaluronate, Honeysuckle Flower, Grapefruit, Aloe Vera and Allantoin. Beside of these ingredients you can find other active ingredients also, but these are the most important that I found on the ingredient list. The ingredients are really safe and you can find many natural components in it. And my skin is quite sensitive, but I didn’t experience any sensitivity. It didn’t cause any irritation for my skin. This product has many good effects that you can experience within just a few days or a few weeks, depends on the effect itself. First of all, it can regenerate your skin, it can calm your skin. So if you have some irritation, if you have pimples, acne, or your skin has some troubles, it will calm, it will soothe your skin as soon as you apply it on. And also you can experience moisturizing effect. But what is more important is that this product will protect your skin barrier from external stimulations, for example final dust or bacterias. Before you go out in the morning, it could be really helpful to use this product, mostly if you live in a country where you can experience high amount of final dust in the air, for example Korea or China or Japan. In these kind of countries, this kind of product could be really useful. But my favorite effect, why I actually purchased this product, is because this one is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. And well it really helped, after the first day I was using this product, I could already feel that my skin is more soothed. I didn’t feel that much irritation as before, and my pimples started to fade away In the morning, I apply this on onto cotton pads and I just leave it on my skin for a few minutes. And at night I use it after the toner, because it’s really liquidy, so it’s not that thick as usually serums are. So after the toner I apply it onto my skin two or three times, and after this product I start to use my ampule, my lotion and cream and the other products I use usually at night. So I really enjoyed using this product and I will keep using it, so… Anyways, thank you for watching and please give a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. See you next time. Bye. Bye

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