Breast Calcification and Cyst | Chui Ka Po Biotherapy Experience

Hi, I am Bobo When I first time get in contact with Biotherapy It was recommended by my friends After having the Biotherapy treatments Their conditions are improved Why I need to come here? It is because around 10 years ago I found calcification spots on both sides of my breast Also with some cysts I need to do annual check up in the past 10 years I need to have x-ray and ultrasound There was not much improvement in the last 10 years And not much changes They are always there But when I go to do check up again this year Because I have done 3 cycles of Biotherapy treatments And when I do check up after 3 cycles of treatments some of the calcification spots disappeared The ones left are much smaller in size I am so happy. To me, The problem from the last 10 years is improved with a very good result So I hope Biotherapy to be known by more.

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