Black Mesa LP Blind PART 43: Pimples In Warfield — Chapter 12

Hello! This is Bisqwit, playing Black Mesa add-on: Surface Tension Uncut. Gordon died in the end of the last episode, so I’m restarting from this snark tunnel. This glass shrapnel looks quite realistic when you look at it from afar. Zoomed in, it’s not so great. Time to try the difficult jump again… I forgot about these guys. I heard that you could use these boxes as a platform to the elevator, so you don’t need to use the button every time. But the button thing is blocking the path, most likely foiling any jump, which is why I did not even think to try it when I played this. Now then. For the large monster time and clouds of ugly smoke. It is lagging so bad that I can’t manipulate objects with any sensible precision… Whoa, that was quite a lunge. I had no idea the monster could do that. So anyway. Was all this stuff here for just this one monster that is actually rather a weak one? I was expecting at least a tank or something.
It was a waste of effort trying to use that rocket launcher to kill the small fry. But I still feel like this scene doesn’t quite make sense. It is so vacant and void. They used this large vehicle to break into the garage I was trapped in. They destroyed the truck in the process, and suddenly they forgot entirely about me. And after I climbed out from the building, what I was facing? Four mooks. I know I am playing in easy mode, but come on. This just doesn’t make sense. And look at this heap of rockets. There’s enough here to kill two tanks, probably.
What for? Looks like you cannot turn this gun any more sideways than this. I was hoping to blast a way for me to return to the HP refiling machine. There is no way to return there with ordinary jumping maneuvers. Perhaps a snark jump or physics deformation or something would do it, but I am not experienced in such techniques. Nnope… I am witnessing a war. I believe this is what the Valve guys call a “vista”, except it’s an interactive one. I also believe that I probably missed the scene of that airplane being shot down by the floating stingray monster a bit earlier. Unfair! I thought they would be busy concentrating their fire on the soldiers… Let’s try again. How did the tank get killed suddenly? Was I not supposed to go into this tunnel just yet? Did I accidentally activate a scripted event I was not supposed to activate just yet? I quite like the spaciness of this scene. Wow, some kind of an airplane hangar. The confrontation in this scene was over so quickly. I still wonder if going into that tunnel prematurely did something wrong with the script that runs this scene. I see, this was the airplane that they shot down. I thought the manta ray just destroyed a radar tower or something. Ooh, a seesaw contraption with physics simulation. Unexpected occurrence. I like it. That’s a nice hangar. I would probably like to noclip and explore it later, if I don’t get to go there otherwise. Is that a green light? That probably means it’s the next place I must go to. But then, what about that tunnel? Oh I see. It’s just a dead end. A dummy. So then it must have been a coincidence that the tank blew up the same time I walked past. This looks like a… map switch corridor. And behind me, closed the plot sensitive door.
Probably there’s no turning back. I hate it when that happens. Ayup, map switch it is. Oh, the zombie is banging the glass now. Lots of shooting noises come from somewhere. Can I somehow go in this room? There’s stairs in there… which look like they lead into a wall. We’ve got Xen flora indoors… Okay, there’s our tank… But it is not interested in me. I wonder though: If the military is no longer interested of me (are they? I haven’t seen the begin of the “Forget about Freeman” chapter yet) and they are going to nuke this place anyway, why are they spending so much effort in a ground attack on the alien invaders? I want to join, badly! But first I must see if there’s any exploration that I missed. Was that it? Come on. I want to explore that blue glowing bit. Is there a clipbrush placed in that corner? Noo. That’s nasty. Evil. I didn’t quite want to jump yet… And I can’t even land on that blue thing. There’s definitely a clipbrush at play. So umm, how do I land safely? I don’t want to go up just yet. Probably by jumping onto that grid shield. Crap. I did NOT want to jump up here yet! Argh. Especially when there’s stuff down there that I could pick up! Okay, let’s try the jump one more time. Phew. There’s a huge gun here… For what purpose? The Chekhov’s gun principle states that it must be used for a later assault in the game and cannot be just a decoration, something that the baddies used. Excuse me while I stop to adore beautiful flowers for a moment. No one is inside… Hmm… Oh dear, the snarks are coming in. Or out. I was NOT prepared for this situation! Again a reminder that I haven’t used snarks for quite a bit of time. NO USE EL ASCENSOR! These Confined Space Permit Required posters are everywhere in this game. As a person free from Amurrica, I had never heard of such thing before playing Black Mesa. I think it’s some kind of OSHA compliance thing? Oh look. The female restroom is filled with more vibrant colors than the bland and boring male one. How usual. These pimples seem to have a preset trajectory programmed into them, much like the aerial faith plates in Portal 2. In my opinion it is rather distracting from the game immersion how conveniently they appear to punt you exactly to the right direction and height. NEXT UP:
Part 44 – “Repeat Defender” Oh come on! A sniper, too??

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