I don’t think this is exactly how it’s supposed to be Ah, good day everyone and welcome to todays video which I am really looking forward to actually because I am going to be trying this *laughs* like.. Witchcraft *laughs* face mask and, I’ve kinda named it that myself- well, I actually didn’t name it that, an amazon reviewer named it that oh my gosh- ok, so I came across this face mask it’s called, Indian healing clay mask and uh, basically everyone was freaking out about this on the amazon reviews they were like, this has to be witchcraft because it literally cleared my skin up like *snap* that so uh, I was like, ok well I have acne I have pimples my face is freshly washed by the way hello, it’s me um, I wanted to try this out and I wanted to do it on camera with you guys here So, I’m ready for this witchcraft to take place on my pores I’m ready for it to take all the impurities out I also have my very own crystals to guide me I have my penis crystal which I’m hoping will help in some- oh my gosh it looks so shiny out of focus can we get a focus up in where up in here! Please.. Hello? ok there we go.. oh she’s shining shimmering we have her sisterhood over here so I have my crystals, I am ready to try this mask out and I’ll- *laughs* I’ll read you guys the hilarious reviews because, I mean, that’s what sold me on this mask anyways it’s, again, it’s the Indian healing clay mask and.. it’s deep pore cleanser, detoxifying, revitalization cool, it just says, directions for facial three parts water one part clay cool, you put it on for twenty minutes and… it also kinda has like a thing on the side where it says, the clay mask, a fabulous facial mask for shrinking pores, tightening and toning skin, removing impurities, slothing off dead skin cells and just making your skin look and feel great overall so cool, I love that, lets try it out I really don’t even know how to go about this because, what is three parts water one part mask mean! it’s literally just looks like, dried old mud wowww it’s just like this powdery dried mud stuff ok, I’m excited about this lets um.. lets measure out three parts- what was it? three parts water one part clay mix No fricken clue well.. I have myself a scoop, so that’s the one part that’s a lot of fricken.. mask up in here ok, and then I’m just gonna- I don’t even know! I guess just pour three tablespoons of water in this lets pour it out of this, into here oh my gosh this is literally going to be such a mess I mean.. it’s not the most exciting mask to look at ok! Focus on this stop focusing on my acne forehead please! camera being so shady up in here um, so I’m just going to mix this around untill it becomes a nice texture- oh this is real chalky real muddy I think I didn’t add enough water she needs more.. she is dry like a damn desert I know I’m joking, and the comments were joking about witchcraft, but honestly, when I was a child I wanted to be a witch so damn bad I- *laughs* went to like the book stores and I would buy witchcraft books I think they were- they didn’t really take themselves too serious like actual black magic but it was just kinda like those books that- I dunno they’re just kinda like, yeah so basically like rub your stomach and you’ll be pregnant, like that kinda stuff and I used to fly around my front yard or I thought I would fly around, um on broom sticks, I never got off the air *laughs* ok this is so thick and chunky! This is so gross witchcraft is not pretty I can tell you that! Ok I need to add more water.. Ok you know what, this is getting real difficult I’m just going in with my hands screw this! Screw this spoon A witch in the woods making a spell for my face I’m literally just putting like, mud on my face ok, *laughs* here we go, let’s go for it UGHHH!!!! ITS NOT STICKING!!! why isn’t it sticking to my forehead!!!! I feel like this might be to thick or something Oh gosh, it’s spilling everywhere *laughs* why aren’t you staying I’m trying to smear it, maybe its not supposed to be thick on there maybe its supposed to be just like a thin layer Oh my gosh, this feels so gross ok, this is… I don’t think the intended use *laughs* I definitely did the measurements wrong Ok, we are just gonna smear it on there Yup, its just literally just sliding over my face I don’t know if this is to much the instructions didn’t really…UGHH!!! its in my mouth the witchcraft is in my mouth Ok, mainly just my forehead maybe if I just put all of it up here *laughs* that would be great *laughs* Oh my gosh literally, I think they call it witchcraft Because it looks like I have these like witch boils all over my damn face warts and stuff Ok, this is not the prettiest mask I’ve ever did saw *laughs* GET ON THERE SMOOTH!!! please be a smooth mask Ok, so it’s on my face *Gasps* I L-… I don’t think this is exactly how it’s supposed to be so umm, it ways to wait about 20 minutes so this is going to be fun, yea its says let dry for 20 minutes oh my gosh, oh for sensitive skin reduce time in half ok well, I need to go wash my hands and i’ll be right back to read these crazy funny reviews *laughs* ok so get ready for this “I got this for my wife, but here I sit on my fifth treatment of Indian healing clay I’m having my doubts though, not that my wife doesn’t like it or me for that matter but I’m *laughs* 97.9% sure that this is actually dark magic call it Indian healing clay, sure that’s fine- *Gasps* oh my gosh it’s falling off my face *gasps* get back on there ” here’s the thing we both break out a lot she’s worse than I I supposed now I should say used to break out a lot thanks to this witchcraft goop, we have seen signfic- significantly fewer break outs and amazingly healthy skin, when I first applied it feels weird Maybe that’s just me, no boy its not just you *Laughs* After it dries, it’s a pain to wash off” ok can’t wait for that “My wife assures me that this is how all face mu- ma- face mud masks are but whatever, after all this is where you see the results of the dark incantations *laughs* Oh my God “when skin is sinfully soft and I can never go back I received this item as a discount, ugh for an honest review” ok well I’m excited to see the results, honestly he was on his fifth treatment so I’ll probably have to do this a couple of times *laughs* to be real I definitely put I think way to much on but it was so hard to just like, get like a small *laughs* a small little layer like it had to be chunky, chunky and funky Ok, so anyways I’m going to let this sit for probably another 10 minutes and then I will be back with an update, and uhh…let’s see what happens ok, so its been over 20 minutes and * laughs* its definitely not all completely dried I can feel in some spots like its harder to like, maneuver because my skin feels like cement, but in the outside it still like very soft and squishy so I’m gonna take the like the access off ACCESS!! Uhh, just so its easier to just pop right off like the stuff yea, its pretty *Laughs* easily coming off which I expected I don’t know I need to really figure this out how do you get this mask on normally Ughh!!! OH GOSH!!! I am such a mess ok, I really just need to like put my whole face in here and just have it all fall off UGHHHH!!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!! UGHH!! HOW DO I GET THIS OFF!!! *laughs* its not coming off this is the price I pay for entering into the dark magic world UGHH!!! oh my gosh this is so difficult to get off how do you do it, oh my goodness *laughs* what is going, I really feel like I just need to hop in the shower ughh, when I was trying to wash my hands off it I like clogged the sink Oh my gosh, I feel like I literally fell on face first into mud and i’m trying to wipe it off face first into cement let’s be real and this cement has endeared to my skin I mean I don’t expect to really see and immediate results I’m only going to try this for next month or so your only supposed to do this once a week and I’m going to share with you guys like in a later vlog what i thought of this mask so I’ll update you guys then but until then, I need go to take a shower to actually get this off its literally in all the damn creases ok so I actually ended up just taking a shower and I wanted to show you guys the final results so I have my mirror ok so obviously we are not going to see like instant results but I actually, I don’t know my skin looks a little bit more like an even tone my forehead, I don’t know it feels like it kind of like swell down a bit interesting, I it doesn’t feel like sm- oh it does feel a little bit softer but I don’t know it wasn’t really an exfoliating mask so it shouldn’t make it feel to soft but umm, my PORES ARE SO SMALL!!! OH MY GOSH!!! I can’t even see my damn pores ok well that’s they’re like literally so small and so closed off Wowww ok so I’m liking this I’m overall am pretty happy with the results, like I said your not going to see instant results but I’m going to keep trying it, it says to try it once a week and umm yea I’m gonna keep trying it and let u guys know how the dark magic is sitting with my soul I still have my crystals close to home my penis crystals my regular crystals so yea, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video I know it wasn’t the most prettiest of mask uhh but if you enjoyed it please give it a BIG OLD THUMBS UP!!! it let’s me know that your enjoying my videos and uhh yea that’s it for today I love you, I will see you all tomorrow goodday bye!!!

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