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hey guys it’s Alex and this is me without
any makeup because today I’ll be sharing with you guys my daily skincare routine okay so first sorry in advance if
parang medyo may sakit yung voice ko its… because I’ve been super sick this week
and now I have cough and colds na rin but then I’m really trying to make it
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I will be doing my whole skin care routine kasi kahit may sakit ka or kahit super pagod ka skincare is still super super
important that’s why my goal talaga is to complete my whole skin carrier in every
night kahit na madaling araw na One thing about my skin is that it’s super
super sensitive like for example makamot or matouch ko lang ng konti, sobrang nagrered na siya its not really an allergy could I’m not
allergic Naaman to anything it’s just that it’s super sensitive kaya minsan, makikita niyo sa ibang videos ko, nagrered bigla yung neck ko or yung face ko ibig sabihin noon nakamot ko siya in the middle of shooting the video which is why my skin is also super acne prone kasi konting touch lang or anything
super bilis nya ma-irritate with dirt or dust overall my skin
is a combination type of skin kasi in the t-zone is very oily pero sa sides
here, medyo dry siya, that’s why I use a combination to oily type of skin care
routie… now this is a very effective for me, I’ve been doing it for the past
year now and so far it has good results naman for my first step I always
use this one…. or any type of bandana or headband kasi sabi nila, yung hair daw isa sa mga pinakamaduming parts of the body so I always try to keep it away
from my face whenever I do my skin care routing para mas- effective siya and then
next I use my bathrobe so this one, kaartehan ko lang haha next, pag galing ako sa labas, or when I have my makeup on I use this to take it out
so this is a generic herd day cleansing tissue from the face shop
now I use the large one kasi I use it almost every day but then let’s
skip this step coz.. I dont have make-up on right now for my next step I
use my skin cleanser…. now on most days I use this the Cetaphil gentle skin
cleanser soap pero when they have like super ugly skin and like ang daming acne
or super oily siya I use this one my Mario Badescu glycolic foaming
cleanser now I’ve been using this since high
school super effective siya!… before super dami kong pimples sa forehead so
when I started using this sobrang nawala lahat this is my holy grail so yeah now
I’ll use this nalang kasi parang medyo pangit yung skin ko so I’ll be using my Mario
Badescu skin cleanser now what they do I put a few drops and then when I dry my
face a pat it lang I don’t like scrubbing feeling ko maskumakalat yung dirt pag na-sscrub siya so pat dry ko lang ….. after I use my facial cleanser I use this this is the COSRX so ths is super famous online diba? this is is the BHA blackhead power liquid
toner now I use this kasi sobrang ganda ng reviews niya na natatanggal daw talaga yung blackheads and it makes your pores smaller so so far, ok naman results
niya for me and hen I use it two to three times a week coz yun nakalagay sa
instructions so yeah I use it I put it on cotton ball… mga 2-3 squeezes and
then so after my toner and make
cleanser I use this one my Mario Badescu ceramide herbal eye cream kasi
isuper Mario Badescu fan ako I’m a loyal fan so I use this because
it’s anti-aging and it prevents dryness and wrinkles around the eyes …. so pag-inaapply ako siya I use… hands a two fingers tapos minamassage ko siya… so I use this one around the eyes lang so
moisturizer siya for the eyes and then after that one I use this…. my Cetaphil
daily facial moisturizer so as you can see naka-tape pa siya kasi I bring it talaga
whenever I go out of town here or whatever so tina-tape ko siya para di matapon….
so yeah it has SPF also so I use this also in the morning and then i dont put sa t-zone kasi oily na siya I put it lang around my face but hindi rin sa eyes kasi nalagyan ko na doon So there, thats my skin care routine! now usually when I have extra time I also use face masks pero yung ginawa ko kaninang step by step
yun yung ginagawa ko every night which is the facial cleanser the toner, the eye
cream and the moisturizer now I hope you guys enjoyed watching my video hope you
like and subscribe to my channel and if you have comments or naging effective
sainyo your skin care routine ko, hope you can share it below in the comments section
and I’ll see you real soon bye!!

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