BEST Microneedling SERUMS + a protocol for the entire month after you needle!

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel if you’re new here. My name is penny I’m a certified advanced esthetician in Portland, Oregon and today is a much requested video we are going to be discussing the serums that I would recommend for you to use when you are rolling or needling for collagen as well as nano and cosmetically rolling and needling I’m gonna give you a clear and concise protocol of The serums and the ingredients that you can incorporate for the entire month after you roll or needle for collagen I’m also going to explain how I incorporate my nano and my cosmetic needling in and what I use at that time So I want to get started with the actual day that you needle I have whittled this down to one single serum and what I want you to take away from this video as well is all of the things that should not be in your serums when You are needling the list is pretty extensive its preservatives and fragrances emulsifiers Surfactants, it is things like UV filters and acids and colors and dyes I mean the list is large and in each of those categories is a sub list of tons of ingredients that are just know knows that you should not have So after a lot of research a lot of digging through the weeds I found one single harmonic acid that checks all the boxes that is accessible for you to find Inexpensive has good slip is high molecular weight and how it doesn’t have any of those troublemaking ingredients and that I found one And that is this one by the brand cause de Baja. I think that’s how you say it So this one checks all those boxes because it’s simply three ingredients it is Purified water sodium high or Lonnie and then it’s 1/2 hex and NGO Now that third ingredient is the one that I did a little bit of research on it’s a coupling agent That actually has chemical properties of an antioxidant. It is also a humectant It is a fine ingredient and I feel comfortable telling you that this is great to needle in this is actually a really great straight up higher logic acid hyaluronic acid is something that’s good to needle in because ourselves naturally produce it and It’s like a magnet that draws water to it and as we get older we produce less and less of it So it’s a nice thing to kind of fuse back into our skin and that’s after a lot of research This has been honestly a couple months of really whittling down researching testing I found ones that came close guys just to give you an idea. This one from essential Skin Solutions is near-perfect it is natural h.a organic vegan Non-gmo gluten-free dairy-free paraben free sulfate free cruelty free oil free dye free fragrance free soy free kosher and made in the United States Oh, that sounds great. Doesn’t it? The only problem is it has all these fantastic ingredients like four simple ingredients But it has something called phenoxyethanol in it If you knock the ethanol is known to be a skin irritant, lung Ayrton Ayrton can pass your breast milk It is a preservative that I can’t recommend to you. So while this is an awesome Hae I it’s not the right ha4 micro-needling finding ingredients finding serums that don’t have any of those troublemaking ingredients was a challenge so I can confidently say that this is the one that I would recommend you to not only micro needle in for Your for your collagen, but also when you’re doing cosmetic needling and it’s great for Nano as well Okay now Days two through Five that is the inflammatory phase right after you have needled on those days You can incorporate something called Kiwi seed oil Kiwi seed oil is high in fatty acids. It’s very moisturizing It is very nourishing and it’s very good for your skin After you have needled during that phase during days two through five five You can also incorporate vitamins A C and E Now I will tell you that with vitamin A I would wait till at least day three just to mitigate irritation But you can incorporate stable forms of vitamin C namely magnesium a Sorbo phosphate you can also start incorporating at this point epidermal growth factors now in office I use ant But unfortunately that is very difficult. If you’re not a doctor or an aesthetician to get your hands on it’s also not affordable for The average consumer so leaving that off the list, but I do want to give it a mention because it’s amazing So if you’re an aesthetician, then definitely recommend that you look into Antioch in this case, though I’m going to tell you that epidermal growth factors are the things that you can look for I’m gonna list the ones that I have found that look to be very good that don’t contain any of those troublemaking Ingredients that I can confidently tell you would be great for you at this phase post micro-needling Now when we move on to the next phase which is the fibro plastic phase that stays six through fourteen You can continue to use everything that we just discussed But at this point you can add in copper peptides you can add in green tea Resveratrol this is a great time to add in some antioxidants I like to add in some nice sinem ID on the days that I’m not using that stable form of vitamin C So that’s what we can do at that phase the final phase which is from days 14 to 28 You can keep using everything that you were using before and at this point you can add in your acids You can add in your ABS lake acid your lactic acid your glycolic acid that kind of thing Those are safe to use at this point day 14 through 28. It is important to note that Starting the day after you micro needle it is imperative that you incorporate sun protection so it goes without saying for the rest of the month that sun protection is Absolutely Non-negotiable so I’m not gonna keep listing it in every phase But just know that sun protection is crucial and imperative if you decide to microneedles Again, I’m gonna list these phases I’m going to list those ingredients and I’m gonna list the Corresponding serums that I have found that check all the boxes that don’t have the troublemaking Ingredients have the good stuff in the description box below now at day 28 That’s when you’re going to go ahead and you’re going to micro needle again for collagen. You’re gonna split those four weeks apart What I like to do with my nano needle and my cosmetic rolling My cosmetic needling is I at this point I’m doing this on weekly basis now I love to use nano for infusing vitamin C I will tell you that when I do the cosmetic rolling, I often will do that on dry clean skin so you can Needle in a higher logic acid you can needle in this one that’s high molecular weight and doesn’t contain any of the bad ingredients But you can also just do that on dry skin. So that’s up to you. I Definitely nano in the vitamin C. I think it gives such an amazing glow I will link the video where I demoed that I just think that it’s a fantastic Treatment now that is the protocol for a month. I Could sit and tell you all of these ingredients But I know that those five syllable words are gonna go in one ear and out the other So what I want to refer you to is the description box where you’re gonna get a clear protocol some clear Recommendations and it should be a really easy roadmap for you for the entire month Microneedle to microneedle bookended so that you know what you’re doing. I’m also going to in my Amazon store I’m gonna split these out By phase so you can see clearly what goes when you do not have to shop my Amazon store It’s just another easy way for you to see where what and when things are incorporated I encourage you to take the ingredient list and to investigate it yourself To look for things that include the ingredients that I’m recommending and to look for things that don’t include all the troublemaking Ingredients I encourage you to do that research as well I’ve been researching this now for quite a long time and have come up with this list after a lot of research So I really hope that I take that away from you that you don’t have to do that and you can see what I’m recommending Clearly I hope that this was helpful I hope it was clear and concise and then it makes sense If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to comment down below. You can always email me at Penn Smith skincare and You can follow me on instagram at penn. Smith skincare. I post all kinds of fun stuff over there as well Hope if you’re new you will consider subscribing. We do all kinds of skincare makeup fun stuff on this channel I’m also gonna link at the end of this video my series on micro needling I finally made a playlist and You can watch all of those videos There I hope you guys are having a great day and I will talk to you again very very soon

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