BEST Make-Up for Wrinkles / ANTI-AGING MAKE-UP

Hey! Christy here again. We’re going to talk about today is make-up for wrinkles, to address wrinkles, or to hide wrinkles as well as an anti-aging product make-up for older skin. So, one of the things you want to look at is, first of all, if you have fine lines and wrinkles, it is best to AVOID powdered or mineral-based make-up that’s a powder. Because what happens is, if you don’t already know, the powder starts to settle in within the fine lines and wrinkles and actually EMPHASIZES the fine lines and wrinkles. So, first thing you want for aging skin is GOOD COVERAGE. You want something that MOISTURIZES, that actually brings moisture to the skin. It has a HIGH SPF to both address the dark spots that you may have from Hyperpigmentation. So, HIGH SPF, GOOD MOISTURIZING AGENTS in it, and GOOD COVERAGE, so preferably a LIQUID FOUNDATION. The other ingredients that was in our last video in regards to “Do Eye Creams Work?” is you want to have anti-aging, such as VITAMIN A, VITAMIN C, VITAMIN E, Humectants such as SODIUM HYALURONATE, GLYCERIN, maybe some ALOE VERA GEL, also a high SPF 30 or higher. Now, the other thing about that too, is preferably you want that sun protection to mainly come from MINERAL-BASED ingredients. Such as, TITANIUM DIOXIDE, ZINC OXIDE, IRON OXIDE. When it usually ends in “ATE”, A-T-E, it’s usually a chemical-based sunscreen. Mineral-based sunscreens do not get ingested into your body, into your skin, so therefore your liver doesn’t have to overwork itself to get rid of the toxins. So, mineral-based sunscreens stay ON-TOP of the skin. So that’s another thing that you want to look for as well. Also, as you get older, you may have some mid-life Acne, you may have some dark spots, you may have some Hyperpigmentation, you may have some scars that you want to cover. So you also want GOOD COVERAGE, but at the same time, you don’t want it to clog pores, such as “Stage Make-up”, you want it to breathe and bring down inflammation. And eventually, with regular use, FADE the Hyperpigmentation. So, you might want to look for ingredients that have LICORICE ROOT, KOJIC ACID, ARBUTIN, which is a plant-based lightener. One of the products that I really like, it is, again, this is NOT a cheap product, but I love it. I actually personally use it myself. And Image is NOT paying me to endorse their product, I personally sell it to my clients and I use it myself. It is the IMAGE. It’s called “I-Conceal” The number one seller at my boutique is “#2” it’s “Natural”. It has all the different tones to address all the different skin colors. And it has all of the things that I typically look for in a make-up. HIGH SPF, REDUCES INFLAMMATION, INCREASES HYDRATION, gives really good COVERAGE, and has ANTI-AGING INGREDIENTS. Try to find THAT all in one make-up. And it doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary chemicals. So, that’s one of things that I recommend for BEST make-up for wrinkles. Thanks again and we’ll see you soon in the next video where we’ll talk about BEST make-up for Acne skin. See you again! Thank you! Buh-bye

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  • Most make up are not Treatment for the skin. They provide coverage but which ones do you know of hydrate the skin, have anti-aging agents, AND provide coverage?

  • Hi!! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge. The Jane Iredale full coverage Bb cream is great but with a low Spf 25, mineral and antiaging.

  • I have been binge watching your channel since yesterday and love it but I notice you recommend iimage products a lot. Are you affiliated with them in any way or is it just a good brand that’s easily available? Thank you!

  • I want to try that foundation!!

  • I wanted to try your rice powder formula, but I do have significant wrinkles under my eyes. I want to try this make-up, but I've never used foundation without powder as I tend to get shiny pretty quick. So, can I still use the rice powder anywhere but under my eyes? Can I set this foundation with a pressed powder under my eyes or just leave it? I don't want to make the wrinkles appear any worse! Also, have you done a video yet on thw whole collagen peptide thing? I would love to get your take on it.

  • i like this video!!! great knowledge!!

  • Thank you for sharing! I’m learning so much . Loved💕

  • Love your videos but I totally disagree with your claims on powder.mineral makeup. If you buff them they turn into a cream and look dewy. I am 72 and work in the beauty industry. I started using Bare Minerals Original loose powder foundation a year ago and receive daily compliments on my skin. Liquid foundation make my thinner skin look heavy and dull. Makeup is so different now..the incredible fine-milled powders by many brands make powder a dream for older women as well—-even over liquids. I encourage women to Get samples and try many till you find the best for your skin type. I never say never—and I encourage women to get the best for them. The new makeups make choice a wonderful thing!

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