Best face pack for detan and instant glow (English Subtitles)

Hi! Welcome Back. So today in this 2-minute series, we will talk about de-tanning. We will make a face pack, which is very effective for de-tanning. For this face pack, we will use gram/chick pea flour (besan), Yogurt, Lime, and Honey. Gram/Chick pea flour (Besan) is rich in Zinc which helps remove dead skin. Honey is a rich anti-oxidant. It helps slow down aging and also makes your skin glow. The next ingredient we are using is Yogurt. Yogurt is rich in lactic acid which dissolves dead skin and promotes the healthy skin. And lastly, lemon. Lemon is great antioxidant and is rich in vitamin C. Lemon helps reduce the dark spots. The combination of these 4 things is very effective in de-tanning. So, let’s make the face pack. You can use this face pack up to 2 times a week. You can also use this face pack before a special occasion for instant skin glow. Please do try this and share the results with me in the comments section. If you enjoyed this video, please do like, comment, subscribe my channel. Thank you for watching, see you soon!

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  • Best face pack ever👌… Mom use to give me when I get back from cricket ground 👍

  • Its really very effective…😍😍 thing is no chemical or harmful thing is used… Curd and gram floor amazing combination… Thank u Shristi for sharing such a amazing way to reduce tan… Keep sharing all the best 😘

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