Best Eczema, for dark marks and scars..

Well, this is part two of you having eczema. What do I do now that my skin has healed This will be another review on products to help your eczema and i will be telling you what I use so you dont have to spend two-three days on the internet asking different people trying to figure out what works and what dont and it’s quite simple if You want to go the natural route, honey is great, but let me stress this out once again Your skin has to be healed and In case you don’t know when your skin is completely healed It will become smooth again you are going to have a mark left over but The itching is gone the flare-ups is gone, and I was just after man, so this is work great for me I can’t pronounce it Please don’t judge me. This is the extra strength formula. It is not going to work overnight um you’re supposed to apply two times every day and it’s probably happened quicker for you it took me a month and that’s because I’m lazy, and I applied it every other day once and It brought my skin back to its original State it really worked wonders. I totally recommend it for Bringing your skin back Um Vitamin E oil is also fabulous I use it on my face honey child and I use it on the eczema if you Seen it in part one I used it during My severe breakout and I use it after to help my skin come back Lemon juice, honey child if you want to go the natural route. This is a natural lightner Any lemon juice will be fine as long as it’s a hundred percent lemon juice No, sugar. No none of that 100 percent lemon juice lemon juice is great for marks If you have keloid cause I can’t I can’t recommend Lemon-juice fred these are just for dark marks Us you know spots and things left over from Eczema burns Or maybe scars they are completely healed um That is a natural skin lightener honey Unicom Handy will do. This is pure honey 100% honey I use that for my lips because I don’t know why but over time they started to Discolor in different spots and the honey I’ve been using it for three weeks Has been working fabulous? It’s not Gonna It’s not something you’re gonna see right away, but with consistent use and it’s hard because honey tastes so good Don’t do this while you’re having a severe allergic For allergies, honey is good I’m sorry take honey for the allergies but not if you if you didn’t would examine nope nope because sugar is Supposed to be not good for you also We all finishes a track where we got to my products, and that is this I love this this is the freeman’s feeling beautiful facial brightening paper Masks Rose and There are different kinds for dry skin for oily skin for to renew your skin to cleanse your pores there are so many of these and I got mine at Walmart, and they’re like a dollar and 25 cents a dollar 18 cents. I don’t remember it’s really cheap really affordable, and it’s great for skin my last brother baby is the Wet slicks Covergirl amazing mint, I Got this for 10 cents 20 cents at Big lots Sorry, it was a fuckin kiss you wonder. I didn’t just haul off and do that, okay? Yes, this is wet slicks Amazing mint, and it’s so great because it gives your lips this amazing Pop of color I wish you can see it It’s just a little Little pink, but it’s the Lip gloss I like my eyes shiny like my lips popping But it also has crusted it so you can feel this little tingling Minty sensation on your lips, but it’s not like toothpaste and it gives you a refreshed feeling like you just brush your teeth and It’s great for your lips because you have to be careful what you put on your lips lips our skin, duh? So I hope this was um Helpful to you guys. I hope I didn’t take too long. Sorry I did and forgive me if I scared any of you guys, it is very early in the morning for me and Bye have a great day. Go off into the world and I hope you like yeah That’s better this eczema And I want you to understand that exuma is not something you can fix overnight This is something that you will probably Be dealing with for the rest of your life and don’t Even know it It’s not that deep you just have to know how to properly take care of your skin and the best things to do for you And what to eat and once you find out what because my products might not work for you But they might help you you might have to just double dabble a little bit But I guarantee you this is what happened to me. I’ve had a Severe break out okay, and I was so horrified. I was like. What do I do? These products help me and help bring my skin back They were amazing so I hope um it can help somebody out there, and it can help you easier and save you some time I

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