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Hey guys. Welcome back. I’m Courtney, this is Phaedra, and you probably
can’t see Nyx back here, but she’s back here sleeping, too. You guys have asked me to talk about skincare
and today I’m going to be talking about my top five favorite cleansers for sensitive
dry skin like mine. As a refresher, I have sensitivity. My skin is dry. I have rosacea. I have seborrheic dermatitis around this part
of my nose, around this part, and then around my eyebrows. Sometimes I have to deal with it on my scalp. I also have eczema in a few places. I have problem skin, my skin is not perfect. I get breakouts from rosacea, I have redness
from rosacea. So, yeah, my skin is a pain. The number one thing that tends to break me
out with skincare is fragrance. When it’s a synthetic fragrance that’s been
added to something, I want to say like 90% of the time, I break out. There’s a 10% chance I might not, but usually
I do. One of the things that often causes me to
break out is lavender oil. Dermalogica is guilty of using this in a lot
of their products, so I can’t use most of their products because if it has lavender
oil in it, I’m likely going to break out. In addition to fragrance causing my skin to
break out, sometimes fragrance can trigger migraines, so that’s also a problem for me
too, and it sucks. I’ve noticed that if a product is like … If
the scent is a byproduct of some of the ingredients, I might be okay and I’m not likely to break
out, but that doesn’t always happen. So, fragrance just frustrates me in products
because I feel like it shouldn’t be in skincare and it shouldn’t be in foundation. Okay, so on to cleansers. I’m going to insert pictures of all the cleaners
that I love so you can check them out. But my number one cleanser is the REN Evercalm
Gentle Cleansing Milk. It’s $28 for 5.1 ounces of product. It’s vegan, fragrance free and silicone free. I find it to be the most hydrating, soothing
cleanser I have ever found, hands down. It has ingredients like shea butter, omega-3,
omega-7, seabuckthorn berry, and calendula. Whatever is basically in it, it has antioxidants,
it has fatty acids, it has lipids. It’s basically very soothing and hydrating
to dry, sensitive skin and it calms it down. It totally lives up to its name for me. I think it’s perfect for dry, sensitive skin. Especially going into fall/winter months,
when it might be more dry where you are. I live in Florida. It’s humid and it’s hot most of the year,
but even I suffer from dry skin. Since I already have a dry skin, I have even
more problems with it in the winter especially when I go to Indiana to visit my family where
it’s really very dry. A cleanser like this will help my skin stay
hydrated in even the worst conditions. Number two is the L’Bri Gentle Cleanser. This cleanser is $16.50 for six ounces of
product. The whole L’Bri line is really interesting
because it’s all aloe based. I personally find aloe vera to be very soothing
for my dry, sensitive skin so I was really excited about this whole line because I was
like, “the number one ingredient, rather than water, is aloe vera.” So that’s pretty awesome. My skin really, really loves this cleanser. It loves this whole line. But this cleanser is the second most moisturizing
cleanser I have ever found. I think it is absolutely fantastic. It even comes in a really nice, really easy
to travel with container. As I mentioned, my skin loves aloe vera and
this is the main ingredient in this product. But it also has a lot of other great ingredients. It has jojoba seed oil, evening primrose oil,
squalane, green tea, and chamomile. It’s extremely hydrating and soothing and
this one’s vegan. I think my first three cleansers are vegan. Number three is the Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser. This is $18 for six ounces. It’s another very soothing, hydrating cleanser
for me. I really like the formula of it. It has allantoin in it, which basically helps
to heal the skin and soothe it. It also has vitamin B5, which is very hydrating
and rosewater. It’s another one that’s vegan, so it’s another
really good cleanser. Number four is Paula’s Choice Calm Redness
Relief cleanser. I think I used this cleanser for about a year
just because my skin loves it so much. It’s basically the product I used to go back
to all the time if I wasn’t trying other skin care product, it was a baseline product for
me. Now the baseline product for me is either
the L’Bri or the REN cleanser. I’m not sure which. Definitely the L’Bri during summer. Probably the REN during winter. But the Paula’s Choice is $18 for 6.7 ounces. It’s one of those products that has a lot
of good ingredients in it, at least for me. It has chamomile and aloe vera, so I find
it really soothing. That’s probably why it’s been a staple for
me for such a long time. The fifth and final cleanser I want to talk
about is the Abbey St. Clare Aniba cleanser. This one’s $30 for 6.7 ounces of product. I haven’t used it in a couple of years, but
when I used it previously I thought it was pretty amazing. It smelled like chamomile. It’s another aloe based formula like the L’Bri. In addition to having chamomile in it, it
has olive oil, different teas, and licorice root extract. It somehow manages to sooth and cleanse the
skin without stripping it. It’s one of the only products I’ve been able
to use that contains lavender that doesn’t cause me to break out. There you have it. Those are my top five cleansers for dry, sensitive
skin like mine. Really if you’re trying to debate which one
to go with, I would probably try either the L’Bri or the REN cleanser to start. I think that REN is going to be extremely,
extremely great in the winter when I’m just so dry that I feel like everything makes my
skin even more dry, so I’m looking forward to trying that one when I’m in Indiana in
November. Other than that, I’m probably going to stick
with using the L’Bri just because I feel like it works really well for me and I really like
the price point. Anyway, those are the products that I recommend. What are your favorite cruelty-free cleansers
for dry skin? Please be sure to let me know in the comments
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  • The Glossier milk jelly cleanser is the one I want to try the most although in January 2017, I told myself that Paula's choice would be a brand I was definitely going to try this year and it's October and I still haven't lol

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