BEST ALL NATURAL FOAMING CLEANSER: Dermatologist Approved Miel Honey™ Cleanser

Steph: I now have in my hands the Miel Honey™
cleanser why is it that my skin still feels supple and it doesn’t feel dry at
all even though I double cleanse and this foams out really well despite only
using a really small amount Dr Teo: So, the first step actually involves
using an emulsifying oil. The second step is where the foaming cleanser comes in.
We always go for gentle cleansing because we do not want to disrupt the protective
layer of skin which is easily destroyed by most detergents, like
cleansers. With this it’s something which foams up but at the same time is super gentle. It works well even for my patient with sensitive,
eczema types of skin. The key ingredient here is that we have managed to replace
most of the laureth sulfates with a naturally emulsifying agent which is
honey. Because it’s naturally antibacterial, it
reduces the surface number of bacteria viruses as well as fungus on your skin. Above all, it also acts as a good moisturizer. I typically only recommend
using half a pump of this on your palm and like you said it cleanses well enough

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