Bentonite Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar Mask | Must Have Facial Mask, Aztec Healing Clay

today I’m going to be sharing how i make my all natural clay mask here and checking my bed tonight clay which is also the same clay that I use for my hair I will include a link for that video as well here I mix it through the consistency that I want see right there the little watery so I’m going to add more clay powder I like to my mask to be thick like a paste so I’m going to mix it till I get that consistency then I follow up by cleansing my skin there are you going to see the curtain moving in a second because baby woke up from her nap early and decided to come hang out with mommy and move the SAT around anyway I’m going to apply this to my face if you’ve never used this before I’d say once or twice a bump is fine it’s kind of strong so you definitely don’t want to go overboard with it if it’s your first time using it once or twice a month it’s totally fine but this stuff really pulsate to make its really tight and you can just feel it working very invigorating you’re going to love it it’s a lot of fun to do and I definitely notice my fan with you a lot more refreshed after I do it it’s just something fun that I like to include in a finite it rinses off pretty easily and then I followed up my favorite moisturizer which is ho ho Bo oil i don’t use any lotions or anything like that for my skin so I just apply a few drops to my hand and I patted all over my face padding is something that I’ve recently incorporated into my routine that is it I hope you guys enjoyed it like we know if you try this out I love it I love doing these masks see you in my next one bite

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