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Hi, guys.
My name is Priya and in this video, I’ll tell you
how you can prepare an orange peel mask. And how it benefits you. And how can prepare different mixtures
which benefits your face. And yes, you can prepare
an orange peel powder.. Take an orange and peel out the skin. Then let it dry. At least for about 3 days.
As it’s summer, it’ll dry faster. But you should dry it a lot.
It shouldn’t be fresh. Dry it completely and grind it to make a powder. I have the powder ready. You can store it in a container. You can use it for as many days
as you want. It has no expiry date. But that doesn’t mean,
you can use it for decades. You can store it for a maximum of one year. So yes.. It won’t last that long
if you use it regularly. I have stored it in this container. I’ll give you five tips. It’ll make your skin glow. Alright, let’s get started. In the first mixture I’ll take some orange powder. Now I’ll add a teaspoon of curds and mix it. Mix it with thick curds. Do use real thick curds. Take half a spoon. Again.. I’ll mix it with my hands
and apply it on my face. Apply it all over your face. Orange will help you sort out
your skin problems. If you have pimples or pigmentation or dark circles, orange peel powder
will help you. And curds have anti-ageing properties. It lightens your skin
and has anti-bacterial properties. So we’re using curds. Curds is good for the skin. If you mix it with something,
it’s even better. And you’ll also get rid of tanning. You must apply this mixture once a day. You’ll see the results faster. Orange powder is a little pricky. It won’t stick to your skin. So you can mix some curds or honey. Don’t make it too liquidy. Even making it too thick is a problem. You can.. Apply it all over your face. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Then you can wash your face
in cold water. In the second tip again, take some orange powder like this.. And add some aloe vera gel. Next, some half teaspoon of honey. Now mix them all. I haven’t taken it in a large quantity. If you want to apply it on your neck,
take more of it. Let’s apply it now. Actually, if.. It might stick to your skin.
Add more honey. And honey is used..
It has natural anti-bacterial property. It treats sunburns. It repairs ageing. And also, it’ll reduce your dark spots
and pigmentation. That’s why, I used honey. And aloe vera gel..
It treats sunburns. If you’re going out in the scorching heat you might get sunburns. You’ll also have discoloration. So aloe vera treats all of that
and evens the skin tone. That’s why, I used these items. Apply it all over the face.
It’s transparent. It won’t be visible. After applying it all over the face you must leave it for about 30 minutes. Let it dry.
You can wash it in cold water. In the next tip, we’ll take a teaspoon
of orange powder. Then add some raw milk. So..
I’m using raw milk because it has anti-oxidant properties. It’s good for the skin.
It has skin whitening properties. So milk is good for the skin. So I’m using milk. Now mix it well. You can apply it on the affected areas,
or all over the face. Okay.
Apply it all over your face. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Let the remedy work. Then you can wash your face
in cold water. In the next tip let’s take some orange powder again. And add some Multani Mitti. Take the orange powder
and Multani Mitti in same quantities. Now let’s add some turmeric powder.
Use pure turmeric powder. Don’t use the edible powder. And take some curds. Now let’s mix it.. We’re using turmeric powder
has bleaching and skin brightening properties. It’ll repair all the dark spots
and pigmentation. If you’re using it regularly and curds has anti-bacterial properties. It has anti-ageing properties. It’ll reverse your ageing. And Multani Mitti is good
for the skin. It’ll remove the tan and dirt. So we’re using it. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you found these tips helpful please comment down below.
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See you until next time.

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