Beauty Masks & Spa Treatment : Rosemary Facial Spray Recipe: Relaxing & Healing Facial Masks

I am Nili Nathan. I have a TV show, Great
Healing Getaways, and a website where I research, write and report on holistic health from around
the world. I am very happy today to show you how to make some homemade facials right at
home, right in your kitchen. It is very easy, it is inexpensive and it is good for your
skin. This next one is a Rosemary Mist, which is a sense stimulator. It is actually superb
as a post shower, so when you toweled off but your skin is not completely dry, you may
want to try this on your face and on your body. What you start of with is three ounces
of distilled water in a dry empty bottle. This is a spray bottle, so you pour that in.
Then we are going to add one tablespoon of olive oil to this and six drops of pure essential oil of Rosemary,
six drops there, four, five and six and finally a sprig of fresh Rosemary. I picked this from
my garden and you put it in the bottle.
You close it tightly, shake it well and then you are just going to spritz it on your face
and on your body as desired and that is it. You will love it. It is a great face and body

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