Beauty Masks & Spa Treatment : Rejuvenating Facial Spray Recipe: Relaxing & Healing Facial Masks

I am Nili Nathan. I have a website and a TV
show, Great Healing Getaways, where I report on holistic health. Today, I am showing you
how to make homemade facials right in your own kitchen. It is very easy, it is inexpensive
and it is really good for your skin. What I want to show you how to make is the skin
rejuvenating spritzer, a mist that you can use as a toner for your skin. The first thing
you will need is a bag of green tea. So I have taken a tea bag here and I have brewed
it for about five minutes in boiling water, actually it has probably been like 10 minutes
because I wanted it to cool down. Then you remove the tea bag. The green tea has anti-oxidant
properties in it and it is very good to rejuvenate your skin. Then we will take to make our vitality
blend, lemon and peppermint, so this will be an uplifting, two drops each, this is lemon,
this will be an uplifting fascial mist, and peppermint… peppermint two drops one, two…
then you will have to get a clean, dry, spritzer bottle. I like to use dark bottles because
it makes the essential oil last longer when you store it in a brown or blue bottle. You
take your funnel, pour it in there, here we go and you do not want to spray it hot or
warm, so it is good idea to refrigerate it. Refrigerate it and let it cool down for a
couple of hours and then spray it on your face and your body just when you want to feel
rejuvenated and refreshed.

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