Beauty Masks & Spa Treatment : Homemade Facial Toner Recipe: Relaxing & Healing Facial Masks

Hi! I am Nili Nathan. I am making a cup of
green tea actually about two ounces of green tea that I am going to make in to a toner
to be used after cleansing. Green tea has antioxidant properties and it is very good
to balance the pH of your skin, so you can use this right after you have washed and cleaned
your face. So I made the green tea, going to pour it into a clean dry dark bottle leaving
some room at the top.
Now you add your essential oils, two drops actually five drops of lavender for this formula
and five drops of geranium. These oils are 100% pure, you ca get them in a health food
store and they are both very good for healing the skin. And that is it, it is very simple. You want
to mix it up, make sure that you have cooled it down before you put it on your face. You
just apply it with cotton as a toner like you usually would after washing and you can
refrigerate the remaining of that and then be sure just to shake it up well before every
use because the oil, the essential oil does not always dissolve completely and that is

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