Beauty Masks & Spa Treatment : Homemade Facial Spray Recipes: Relaxing & Healing Facial Masks

I am Nili Nathan. I have a website and a TV
show, Great Healing Getaways, where I write, research and report on topics of holistic
health. I am very happy to show you some homemade facials today and I am going to talk about
facial spritzers. I have been showing you how to make a couple and I want to give you
the basic guidelines. Remember to always use distilled water. So if you start of with four
ounces of distilled water in a spray bottle, then you would add 8-10 drops of your favorite
essential oil. Remember to use 100% pure essential oil. Do not use synthetics and check the label
to make sure that it is pure essential oil. If it is organic, that is even better. You
can find essential oils in a health food store or online and then just remember that you
want to shake your formula before each use when you make a spritzer because the oils
do not always dissolve all the way and that’s it. Have fun and experiment and I am sure
that you will want a try this with your friends too.

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