Basic Skin Care : Skin Care: Papaya & Pineapple Mask

Now acne skin and blemished skin have kind
of a problem. Because one of the things that they use has sulfur which is an agent that
helps to quote, unquote dry out the pimples, and then the other thing is benzyl peroxide
which also is a cleaning agent which helps with acne skin. Now these two products when
they’re used in conjunction together will really dry the skin out which is one of the
problems that acne skin has. Because you’ll see just a little bit of redness, inflammation
and peeling. So we would like to do something that helps soothe acne skin but at the same
time gives that same kind of calming affect that also, that has agents that will help
to bring it back to its natural level. Now this is great for acne skin because it has
natural soothing. It’s not going to dry out the skin and natural protectors. Now this
has papaya. It has pineapple. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to take a little
scoop, pour it into the hand. O.k. We want you to see, not that much. Just about half
of that scoop. Then you’re going to take water. O.k. So just about a little, almost to the
full line there. O.k. And we’re going to mix. So we used about half of that. Then we’re
going to take it, take your finger, and you’re just going to mix it into a paste. Now this
has slight granules on it and that’s for exfoliation. But it’s not like those rock hard apricot
kernels that if you keep using them, you know, you now which math I’m talking about, you
buy it for $2.99 at Save On, you know what I’m talking about, o.k. That will rip and
tear your skin. It will give you more problems that you started off with. O.k. So you want
to look for something that has micro fine exfoliants in it. Look it just puffs up. A
little paste there. O.k. Then once you’ve got it. You’re going to put it in a circular
motion all over the skin. It’s fun. It’s like Play-Doh. It’s cute. I like this. All over
and we’re going to let it sit. And, again, you’re going to do the whole, I’m just doing
part of my face, but you’re going to do the entire face. Again, avoid the eye area. O.k.
And you’re going to let that sit on for probably about ten minutes while you go do something,
watch a commercial, watch your favorite show. And then on the commercial break, you’re going
to rinse it off. Now I’m going to rinse off and then I’m going to show you what I promised.
One of Halle Baby’s, one of Halle Berry’s favorite products. I got so excited about
the product I couldn’t even talk.

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