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Subscribe to my channel Health Beauty and Life and click the bell icon to get the latest updates of my health and beauty related videos Hi guys! this is Meenakshi and you are watching my channel Health Beauty and Life we all knwo that banana is a energy food, whenever we feel low or non energetic banana gives us instant energyu as soon as we consume it since it is rich in magnesium and iron, it is very important for females and pregnenet ladies as well, they should consume it on regular basis some fruits are seasonal wich are only available during season only, but banana remains available in all the seasons So , today I am gonna tell you that how you could use banana to rejuvinate your skin, Banana is important for our skin same as for our health Banana is rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, B,C,B6, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Zinc and due to these it imrpoves collagen production of our skin and maintains skin elasticity The important thing about banana is that it makes our skin looking younger because of its anti ageing properties both makes and femals can use this pack so now I will tell you how to make this easy and simple pack and how to apply it So without wasting time lets get started to make this pack we will take a banana, I am showing you too bananas one is fresh banana and the other one is over riped banana, I will be taking this over riped banana as it is more beneficial for our skin Now I will peel off the banana. and we have to keep this peel and i will tell you what you have to do with this peel now we have to cut the banana into pieces then we will grind it in grinder you can grate it also if you want now we will make the pack so first we have to take one to one and a half tbs of banana paste after that add one tbs of yogurt one tbs lemon juice then one tbs honey now will mix all thoroughly and keep it aside now we cut that banana peel through knife and massage it for 2-3 minutes on your face gently in a circular motion using this peel Banana peel also contains anti- oxidants, vitamins and minerals which are really good for skin it will cleanse our skin and will remove dirct and bacteria as well three minutes are gone now you can wipe it off with wet wipe or a tissue or you can simply wash your face now we will apply face pack with the help of brush, if you dont have brush then you can apply using your fingertips apply it properly all over your face and neck most important and major benefit of banana is that it makes our skin youger looking and banana is rich in water content so that it hydrates your skin and removes dryness and it also sort out your skin related problems like wrinkles, pimples, pigmentation, blemishes, and makes your skin shiny and beautiful and we have to keep this pack for 15- 20 mins then you can wash your face as banana has hydrating and mositurizing properties it provides instant smoothness to the skin after towl dry your face you have to apply moisturizer see friends, whenever you apply any face mask or face pack then our skin get s dry so you must apply moisturizer after that so friends this was our banana face pack. As we get banana very easily we can make this pack very easily and you can apply it easily and can pemper your skin easily So I hope my video was helpful for you, and if it was then please like it and share it if you have already subscribed to my channel, then thank you so so so much and if not then please subscribe my channel and dont forget to hit the bell icon to get the regular updates of my upcoming videos see you in my next video till then bbye, thanks for watching

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