Baking Soda for Acne | FADE ACNE SCARS FAST!

ways to use baking soda for the most
common skin problems baking soda is an ingredient you will always find in your
kitchen cabinet but have you ever thought about including it in your
beauty regimen it may sound absurd but the fact is that baking soda brings
immense benefits to your skin since it is alkaline in nature it
balances the pH levels of your skin to radiate radiance
it also helps in exfoliating dead skin cells to reveal freshness here are eight
ways to use this humble ingredient in treating your day-to-day beauty problems
one eliminate acne scars when your skin becomes clogged with dead skin oil or
bacteria small pimples appear on the surface called acne if acne is not
treated properly it can leave some marks and scars behind to remove these scars
from your face use a soda bicarbonate paste and water make it thick enough so
it can be applied easily to your skin baking soda will exfoliate healed skin
and will reveal a fresh coat you can apply the paste two or three times in a
day for 3-4 minutes and then Washington Washington

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