Baby that was born twice – Top doctor on importance of second opinion (11)

– This is a very important point, it underscores
that so many people start to think that people are being treated by gadgets, by technology,
by blinking lights. But the truth is – it is humans who treat
humans, it is people who by careful listening deduct and have the hunches [about solving
medical problems]. Dr. Anton Titov MD – Absolutely! – One of my favorite stories these days, which
I heard on NPR a few months ago… I was driving early in the morning to work,
and it was so impressive, I pulled over to the side of the road, and I said, “I have
to hear this story.” It’s about the baby that was born twice. You heard this? Baby that was born twice. So this woman goes to see her obstetrician
at 12 weeks, she’s gone earlier, and the ultrasound technician is very quiet, so she can sense
there’s something wrong. And after a while… (because normally they
say, “Oh, healthy baby, kicking the legs, heart is beating nicely!”) …ultrasound technician is just very quiet. So she says, “I’m going to go get the obstetrician.” The obstetrician comes and he looks at the
ultrasound and says, “I’m sorry to tell you that there is a gigantic tumor at the tail
of the spine. It’s likely a benign tumor called sacrococcygeal
teratoma, but it’s the same size as the rest of the baby. And the heart is beating twice as hard and
half the blood supply is going to this tumor, and the heart is going to conk out [collapse],
baby’s not going to survive. We recommend an abortion.” So they leave and they decide to go for a
second opinion. They go to the University of Texas fetal center,
and there’s an obstetrician there. He says, “We can try something.” So they give permission, they take the mother
to the operating room, he has a pediatric cardiologist in attendance, in anticipation,
he makes an incision in the abdomen and the uterus, pulls out the baby, the head is still
in the uterus, removes 90% of the teratoma. The heart goes into cardiac arrest, pediatric
neonatal cardiologist administers medicines and resuscitates unborn baby. Baby survives. They put the baby back into the uterus, suture,
All the amniotic fluid has drained out, they have figured out synthetic amniotic fluid. They take a syringe, inject right pH chemistry,
glucose, electrolytes, – no leak. After 37 weeks of pregnancy baby is born by
C-section. Baby that was born twice – came out of the
womb, went back, came out. So he’s interviewed on NPR, he’s getting hundreds
of calls from obstetricians all over the world, “We’ve never had the courage to do this! Can we come train with you? Can we watch your video?” So he said, “Sure.” So he’s asked, “Have you ever done it before?” He says, “Once, five years ago.” And the anchor says, “What happened?” He says, “She’s a beautiful five-year-old
girl, she recently performed on stage, her parents invited me, I sat in the front row
with the parents. She came on stage and she did a recital” – he
said, “I had tears streaming down my cheek.” With all the stem cell transplants, organ
transplants, ICU care, cardiac devices – this is an amazing story in medicine! – Speaking of importance of finding the right
expert, and seeking second opinion but also an opinion with the right expert! – And trusting that expert! It’s an amazing story – baby that was born

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