Avoid 8 Derma Roller Mistakes to Prevent Skin Damage or Ugly Micro Needling Side Effects – Part II

Derma roller can boost collagen production
and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks along with other anti-aging
benefits However, you can get side effects if you make
these 8 Mistakes. For In-depth Information, Please visit the
link below Mistake 1 – Abnormal Skin disease
Derma rolling with abnormal skin disease can worsen your skin condition.
Do Not Derma Roll If You Have: Abnormal Skin Growth
Blood Clogging Disease Hemophilia
Cold Sores Contagious Skin Diseases
Eczema Fungus
Herpes Keloid or Raised Scarring
Melanoma Moles
Nodular or Pustular Rosacea Open Wounds
Psoriasis Rashes
Skin Cancer Sunburn
Warts Mistake 2 – Derma Rolling with Acne
Do not derma roll if u have active acne. Derma roller can spread acne bacteria all over your
face and trigger a breakout. Mistake 3 – Rolling Forcibly
Many people think that the harder you roll your skin, the better the result. This is
completely untrue. Rolling forcibly can irritate your skin, increase
redness and lead to the temporary formation of needle marks.
You should roll with moderate pressure Mistake 4 – Applying Makeup, Sunscreen or
Tanning Lotion After a Treatment Makeup, sunscreen and tanning lotion contain
irritating ingredients that can cause inflammation, blackheads, whiteheads and side effects. You
should wait at least 24 hours before using these products.
Mistake 5 – Applying Skin Care Products with Irritating or Toxic Ingredients
Since Derma Rolling can drastically boost the absorption of all topical products. If
your product contains irritating or toxic ingredients, you can get side effects.
Stay away from products with following ingredients: Parabens
Fragrance Perservatives
Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids Glycolic Acid
Salicylic Acid Mistake 6 – Taking Medications
Dermal rolling can cause side effects with certain medications. You should consult your
doctor before a treatment. Below is a list of medications you should avoid:
Drugs that cause sun sensitivity Drugs that decrease healing
Blood thinning Drugs Mistake 7 – Taking Accutane
Accutane is popular for treating severe acne, but it can weaken your skin structure and
slow down the healing process. DO NOT derma roll if you recently had an Accutane
treatment. Mistake 8 – Sharing Your Roller
You should never share your roller. Sharing your roller can transfer disease from one
person to another.

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  • Thank you!

  • I have few questions – there is no info about how to treat eyebrows growth. How long the needles should be? should we roll all across the eyebrows in one direction or only there where we want hair to grow after overplucking? do we have to use some special cosmetics afterwards?(castor oil for example?) i will appreciate the help in this subject. it seems like it is not common info in relation to derma roller.

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  • Is it alright to apply Aloevera gel right out of the plant after the dermaroller user(0.5mm)?

  • Should I stop using toner if I will start using Derma roller? My toner has a Glycolic Acid ingredient and based on your part 1 video, you told us that we should avoid that ingredient but my toner helps my face to minimize my acne breakout. What should I do?

  • is it posibble to use the 2 different needle sizes like 0.25mm and the 0.5mm at the same time ? can you show me the right instructions how to use this two different needle size at the same ? please i neeed your help coz i bought the 2 needle different sizes . thanks =)

  • Obrigado, você é muito bonita;)

  • What would be the best size to use on your face?

  • Hi! The number of dermaroller needles matter? I have one with 190 needles and another with 540. Both with the same head size. The first one has more room between the needles. what's the best? Thank you.

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  • What do you do if you have track marks from using too large needles on the face and or deep pressure? How can I get rid of these track marks? Would going over the marks with the dermapen on a lower needle depth remove the track marks? You did not mention it in your video if you have already made that mistake. I made this mistake before seeing your video.

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  • Do you know if it will help a scar caused from a scratch close to 16th of an inch wide and about the same deep and about an inch and a half long. Please let me know. Thanx.

  • Hey! actually all kind of alcohol is banned in my country so what I do to sterilize my roller is, I dip it in the dettol for 30 mins and then clean it with 70% rubbing alcohol pads/swabs so I want to know is it a right method?? please please please must reply after seeing…..!

  • What if i have ezcema but its not active. I used it already before watching this. Is it ok?
    I no longer eat dairy.

  • Thank you for this video.

  • I get more information from your video . Thanks

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  • Can you apply Castor oil directly after dermarolling? I don't think it contains any harmful ingredients from what I know.


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  • So I dermarolled my face for the first time with a 0.25 roller two days and now I see small red bumps all over my cheeks. They aren't itchy or anything. Is this normal? I was planning on doing it again today. Also I noticed these bumps after doing my skin care routine tonight (Glycolic acid toner, serums, moisturizer). Wow as soon as I typed that I saw your tip about avoiding Glycolic. Now I don't know if it's because I have sensitive skin or because of the acid. How long should I wait before applying glycolic toner after dermarolling? I want to use the 0.25 three times a week

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