ASMR Turkish Barber Face,Head and Body Massage 287

Hot towel is so important on massage Hot steaming towel.We call it ”compress” Pull the shirt of please Barber Saim: Dont scare about that
Deniz: Lets take our cold to warm Come here Master. Lets continue Lets place your hands like that. Mr Personal Comment. About that look Deniz says ” Why Me? ” Lean back please We thank you about choosing us We insist to thanks about that Thanks for coming here Thanks and Congrats

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  • Poor Deniz, that looked a little rough.

  • Great video. I'm glad you used these barbers again.

  • Deniz shirtless should be a must have in every video. What a handsome man he's.

  • More videos with them please

  • I have One question : in which City in turkey is this barbar Shop ? Please give me a answer

  • Abi saat 2 yeminle yatağımda izleerken ben rahatladım uyucam şimdi helal olsun ellerin dert görmesin baştan savma değil işini ustalıkla yapıyorsun başarılarının devamını dilerim saygılarımla 👋❤

  • Does this guy even work for a living?

  • özgür sen pata küte yap ya

  • It’ll be great if that session includes a foot massage.

  • It’ll be great if that session includes a foot massage.

  • Bellissimi video 😀 Molto rilassanti 😁👍

  • You are the Best. Greetings from Brasil. Antonio

  • Love the hot towel and facial 😍👌👌

  • WOW…. I've been missing out. My barber doesn't give any such massage!!
    I'd love what Deniz experienced…
    A Turkish holiday is definitely on the cards!

  • Awesome barber

  • deniz should do a foot massage video!

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