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Hell friends! Hello, you are welcome to my channel. In todays video, I will review on a soap called
Asantee Papaya soap. See the soap here. This soap is known as asantee papaya. It is written as asantee papaya honey soap. Maybe you have seen this soap or you have
seen it with your friend or you have used it before. Or maybe you you haven’t heard about it before. Today I want to review on it because I have
used it before and it has been a miracle soap on my skin, on my friends skin and on my sister
skin. Because the way we started using it, we started
seeing result and all of us started using it together. This soap is the best whitening soap I have
ever seen. It helps to clear all my acne on my face and
on my body. As you can see, I don’t have any acne on my
skin. This soap really helped me a lot. Before I have a lot of freckles on my face,
even knuckles, look at my skin now, everything is now clear. This soap is the best in terms of whitening
the skin. So this soap contains many ingredients which
are: It contains coconut palm oil, sodium hydroxide solution, papaya extract, Q10 +
vitamin C and E + AHA. This soap is very very good. Like the ingredient is pure natural. It helps for the skin and it helps to whiten
the skin. Maybe you have heard about AHA. AHA as you all know is very good in terms
of whitening the skin, it will help to whiten the skin and the freckles on your skin. Honey is also good, honey is very good and
it is pure natural. It smoother the skin and it also helps to
fade freckles. How you to use honey, I will show you later
how to use pure raw honey but this soap contains all. Papaya as we all know is very good in terms
of clearing the acne, it contains enzyme called papain which helps on the skin and also in
our health. This papain is a very good enzyme in terms
of whitening the skin and it also helps to clear blackheads, pimples and it dry pimples. You can even use only papaya on your skin. You will just get a ripe papaya, smash it
and rub it on your face but this soap contains both papaya, honey, AHA even Vitamin C And
E, so it is very very good on our skin. Please friends remember to subscribe to my
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bell because I will be reviewing more whitening soap later. So, this soap… See how it is inside. I will show you how it is inside. Look at it. It is like this inside. But I have used it, because I have used it,
I t has opened like this. So but this soap if you want to use it, you
have to take precautions, you have to know your skin type. Like I said know your skin type before using
this soap because this soap can itch, like it can itch. If you rub it on your face, you can leave
it for 2 minutes to 5 minutes, depending on your skin type. Sometimes I leave it for like 5 minutes because
I don’t always react to papaya but if you are allergic to papaya, you can use it for
just 2 minutes, then you wash it off. At least leave it for just 1 minutes to 2
minutes, so that it will work on your skin, even if you are allergic to papaya. It won’t react immediately, just leave it
for sometimes. I want to show you how you are going to do
it. Look at the inside of it. So I have to make the soap to be fumy by making
use of water. See. After, I have done it. I will have to put the remaining one here. Then use this one on my face. Don’t mind my hair. I will use it as if I want to exfoliate. See how it is. So after I have rubbed it, see how it will
be on your face. So after I have done it, see how it is. See u have rubbed this on my face, I have
almost leave it for 2 to 3 minutes, see it has dried. It has dried. It has dried on my face. I used it as a mask. And it has dried on my face. So I have to wash it off now. I will wash it with cold water or warm water. But what I have here is warm water. So I have to use the warm water to wash my
face. Now I have washed my face. I washed it with warm water and see how my
face is now. It looks bright and this is the best soap
that you will use for your skin. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
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