Are kidney cysts treated with surgery? – Frankfort Regional Medical Center

Kidney cysts are only
treated with surgery if we feel that there is some
malignant potential or cancer potential. If there are complex
components and it is felt that the
cyst is cancerous, they are treated with
surgery, either removal of the entire kidney or
removal of just the cyst. Some patients that
have benign cysts, if large enough and deemed to
be causing significant pain or discomfort to the
patient, can be removed but typically aren’t
due to the risks of surgery versus low
benefit of the procedure. Benign cysts are very
common in the population. If you performed a CT scan
of people in your area, a large proportion would
have a small benign cyst. Kidney cysts can be treated
with other modalities besides surgery. It’s generally not
recommended because you can introduce
infection into the cyst if you’re using a
needle to drain them or using some other form
of ablative therapy. Primarily surgery
is the best option because you want to enucleate
or remove the entire cyst.

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  • Many doctors are ignoring the kidney after a cysts is found and blood is in the urine.  2 doctors ignored mine for 10 years and wouldn't do anything about it except do urine analysis and blood work.  They never did any more CT scans or an MRI to check on the kidney.  Be on your guard!  My kidney was neglected for 10 years and then I started running into problems and had to go to the emergency room.  I told them that kidney has been neglected for 10 years.  They did a CT scan I now the kidney is real large very deformed plus they think it might be cancer.  Over the 10 years I have tried to get the doctors to remove the cyst but they wouldn't refer me to a specialist and only checked the urine for blood and did blood work.  I AM SO FURIOUS!  BE ON YOUR GUARD PEOPLE.  I HAVE BEEN TALKING TO OTHER PEOPLE AND THEY HAVE BEEN NEGLECTED, TOO.

  • I have a so called "small benign cyst" and it's painful and I frequently urinate every 2 hours. It has damaged my way of life and these doctors won't even consider surgery.

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