Anti Ageing Face Mask at Home II घरेलू फेसमास्क से घटाए बढ़ती उम्र II By Bhakti Narang II

Hi , this is Bhakti Narang welcome to F3 beauty tips Today i am going to tell you an anti aging face mask, for that we require 1/2 banana 1 spoon orange juice 1 Spoon Curd Will mix them well & will prepare its fine paste so, as you can see we have mixed it & had prepare its fine paste So, i have told you earlier also that banana is a good anti-aging agent. And orange contains Vitamin C which helps to remove the harsh lines on skin Wrinkles become disappear and the curd tighten the open pores Will massage this paste for almost 1 minute on our face Apply this on the face for 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water With the cold water your open pores will become You must apply once in a week & you will notice that within few weeks your wrinkles will be disappear So, you must have liked our video Subscribe our channel for this type of video & don’t forget to share our videos. Thank You…

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