Anthony Kiedis – Interview about his book Scar Tissue (2006)

Hi! This spring The Red Hot Chili Peppers
will release their new album Stadium Arcadium. A double album that you will certainly be hearing until
your ears bleed before this year is out. However, this book passed undeservedly unnoticed
when it was released the other year. Anthony Kiedis autobiography,
Scar Tissue. A great book whether you
like the Chili Peppers or not. In addition to the band’s
troublesome career, Anthony Kiedis tells about his
tough childhood in Los Angeles in an almost creepy, naked way. We brought the book and went to
West Hollywood. While his buddies honed
the chili peppers sound in other bands, Anthony Kiedis was busy doing
prank in the rudest school. And, not least with drugs. When Anthony moved from
Michigan to live with his father in Los Angeles,
he was still just a child It was the seventies and when he
was introduced to the seductive drug world at age eleven,
it was just by his own father. Anthony has tried all
substances there is since then and have been really,
really bad out there at times. The music was always important,
but it took a few years before Anthony found his
natural place in a band. And once it happened, it was
this song that opened the door.

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