Answering some of your Tretinoin based Questions….

Hey guys so today I’m going to answer some
questions regarding comments and questions directly relayed towards my tretinoin videos.
Because there are so many good comments but some negative. Disbelief because people haven’t
gotten the results I have or my mom have. So I’m going to try to answer everything
I’ve seen and ways to protect yourself from further damage or negative results people
have seen from using Tretinoin. Ok so first stems from my results video both
my moms and mine and how we must be wearing makeup
or had Botox or something other than tretinoin and there’s no truth to that however as
I always mention it’s never soley the only thing someone is using – if it is you’re
doing more harm than good. Because you need to be using daytime products from vitamin
c and e and sunscreen to peptide based moisturisers. Now Tretinoin is solely the only main strong
active ingredient that we are using. So personal results will always vary from diet to climate
to products you are using during the day. Wether you’re using a once a day strong
spf or one that needs to be applied every two hours which I’m sure not many people
do that. Built in moisturiser spfs and makeup spfs are not effective
and have to be reapplies throughout the day. Now next is I am personally and have mentioned
I do other treatments which are no secret on this channel from microneedling to acid
peels to microdermabrasion to high frequency and now radio frequency treatments. And my
mom she uses very good high end moisturiser brands from Gatineau to perricone and now
a strong daily spf she doesn’t do Microneedling because she just couldn’t stand the feeling.
I’ve mentioned this. I love it. She didn’t. I do it. She doesn’t. She’s also now starting
an internal collagen supplement which I have my thoughts on those but I’ll keep updated
and let you guys know in the future if they work and I’ll show you images. You have
to keep in mind tretinoin works but you have to protect and heal during the day with products.
It’s like excerise you can’t put excercise a bad diet things have to go hand in hand
for best results. Ok so comments from people saying they notice
a worsening of things from acne to pigmentation. Now when it comes to acne it can be very normal
to seem worse especially in the first 28 days which is the skins cycle
depending on age. But after that time your skin should normalise as best as it will do.
Remember it’s not a miracle cure it’s main intended purpose is and was for acne
but doesn’t mean it will cure it. Acne is such a difficult condition it is not a topical
thing you have not got acne becUse your unclean or just oily or germs, topical products are
not causing true acne. You might get a spot from certain products from sensitivities but
true acne is not topical. It’s a combination but mainly is an internal response from hormones
and inflammation which then in turn feed on and become exaggerated from your slightly
more oily skin which normal skin bacteria likes to mix with and then get inflamed becoming
acne. So just using a topical product will keep your skin strong in terms of hopefully
preventing scaring and lasting damage. But total healing of active acne may not happen.
I’ve seen people’s online results and they are good so it really can help in cases
but if it doesn’t don’t stop because it can have lasting beneficial protective effects.
I still get spots and breakouts *here* and I’m using it daily so it doesn’t stop
this completely. Please keep that in mind. Now I’ve seen recent comments on people
getting hyper pigmentation when using tretinoin now best tips for this is spf is crucial again
making sure it’s an all day formula spf 50 nothing lower when using tretinoin good formulas exist that are no longer heavy.
I personally love ultrasun they have specific face formulas but I love size and quantity.
Now another reason could be are you picking your skin whilst it’s flaking, picking at
your skin unconsciously is very damaging to the fresh accelerated skin cells below. The
same as a chemical peel. You can damage and scar the skin from picking and trust me you
might not even realise you’re doing it. I used to do it with certain spots without
realising it and caused rolling scars. Which have since been repaired from acids, microneedling
and tretinoin as a whole. So best things to prevent itching and picking
is a good thick moisturiser for the day before or after your spf depending on brand. Also
incorporate an oil – flaky skin is considered dry skin so look for oils and balms to help
layer over and lay flat. Now if it’s large flakes do what is done for peels and use small
nail scissors to cut the flakes smaller. However with tretinoin it’s normally ash like small
flakes so hopefully a moisturiser should suffice. Trust me flakes are so minor many people won’t
actually notice. I’ve done it before in the beginning where I was conscious of the
flakes and told people and they were like oh yeah I didn’t even notice until they
zoomed right in. So it can be any basic moisturiser lotion which you could add any oils to to
make it dry suitable from argan, coconut anything you enjoy using will help. Just do not pick.
And flaking shouldn’t last longer than a month or two. If it is try to apply every
other day or skip a few days you’re not going to miss out. Also depending on % if
you’re on 0.1% consider actually downgrading to 0.05% which pretty much in clinical studies
shows the same benefits over time just less visible side effects. Now other questions i got on Instagram last
night after posting were about the skin barrier being compromised and when to start tretinoin
and of it will aggravate it once repaired. So I’ll jump straight into a quote on a
compromised skin barrier here “Exogenous factors that can alter the integrity of the
StratumC cause an increase in transepidermal water loss and alterations of proteins and
lipids, progressively leading to compromised skin. Unless these factors are adequately
countered by self-repair mechanisms and/or moisturization, the SC (skin) becomes overstressed,
with continued increased TEWL leading to incomplete desquamation, loss of skin elasticity, increased
skin rigidity, and epidermal proliferation. Exogenous factors that lead to increased TEWL
and SC/EB (skin) dysfunctions include improper skin care, exposure to cutaneous irritants,
occupational exposures, application of certain topical agents, and low ambient humidity” so mentioned in the comment was not moisturising,
hot water usage, over use of scrubs and sun exposure so I’d define say you were a prime
candidate right now, so I love that you said you were waiting before using tretinoin and
you had recognised that the barrier was compromised. So the good thing is it’s very easy to get
this back under control and a quote here is “Incorporation of a gentle (nonirritating)
skin cleanser and a well-designed moisturizer/barrier repair formulation can contribute to improvement
of disease-associated signs and symptoms and can mitigate cutaneous irritation caused by
certain topical medications” so this is relevant to both before and after tretinoin
usage. Now the best moisturisers are ones that have
what I’ve spoke on in ingredient videos on this channel. And it’s ones that incorporate
both water, humectants like glycerin and oils and lipids like argan, rosehip, ceramides,
cholesterols etc and also have a good occlusive ingredient in too like Shea or cocoa butter
something that now helps layer and seal off any water loss and also protect from harsh
conditions like wind or cold weather. Now unfortunately not many products have the best
balance or combination of these ingredients so it’s normally easier to layer products.
A lighter gel based moisturiser or serum first. Followed by an oil or lipid based formula
a good middle ground product I find is cerave lotion not the cream because it contains petroleum
now that’s a personal hate i show allergies to this ingredient and breakout the next few
days so that’s personal to me and not you but overall it’s not the best ingredient
at all. However it’s a very good occlusive ingredient. So if you wanted a one step simple
formula you could go with applying it straight after washing the face to a towel dry damp
skin and get all the factors needed for protection and barrier repair. Now During this “repairing” time avoid
all exfoliants and harsh drying methods just use tepid warm water, gentle cleanser, towel
pat dry apply products straight away and spf during the daytime and this should get you
back to good health in a short amount of time. The best way of knowing is after cleansing
you should start to feel like you could go without moisturising, don’t! But you should
feel hydrated not tight and itchy. And then ultimately now would be the ideal time to
start using your tretinoin just remember to follow this same routine during the day – you
might need to layer a bit more moisturiser during the first few weeks but ultimately
your skin should acclimatise the first month in. The best thing to do would be do every
other day to start with see how you go and go from there. If you’re too irritated don’t
feel like you can’t stop using tretinoin on the night you should be applying. Just
skip an extra night and focus on hydrating instead. It’s all about balance and that’s
personal to you. The fact you understood even beforehand about your skins barrier tells
me you will get it like that (click fingers) once you start using tretinoin of when hydration
is more important. It’s a trial and error personal journey. Ok so final question was on Instagram about
permanent redness from tretinoin that was observed on someone called dr Sam. Now I had
a google because I don’t know any dr Sam but I did find a uk based woman who’s on
YouTube aswell and hope you mean this person. So anyway I had a look and honestly I think
she looks pretty normal I wouldn’t say she was red or raw looking judging by a video
thumbnail I saw of her doing her makeup. her before just looks kinda rosy in places. I
mean I can look like that without my tan especially after excerise or alcohol or excessive caffeine.
redness is quite common in Caucasian skin types and can appear more blotchy and sporadic.
In areas such as forehead And chin. Our skins tends to be quite translucent and if we look
at the image here it even slightly shows in the ears too in this thumbnail so I would
say she would have this appearance even if tretinoin wasn’t being used. Erethyma from
tretinoin is normally only in the beginning and for some it can seem a little extreme
but should die down After the few first several weeks. I’ve never seen any studies so far
that state permanent or long term redness. But again this would go back to the previous
question about the damaged skin barrier and if redness is really apparent, like raw angry
tight and irritated appearing then the morning routine may not be sufficiently hydrating
and repairing – remember ceramides are your best friend for that. Or even look into allergy
skin based products or rosacea ones too that are specifically formulated with redness in
mind to help alongside the night tretinoin. And a final question I got before filming
was do you think it can help with nasal line folds and thats an absolute yes, we’ve seen
my moms results result and other clinical studies that confirm it and a quote here is
“After 84 days of treatment with tretinoin 0.025%, a statistically significant improvement
was observed for nasolabial folds” now remember what you do during the day is an important
factor on how happy you will be with results as is diet and internal factors. So make sure
again good all day spf 50 nothing lower – good day moisturiser find one with peptides and
other wrinkle reducing ingredients. Add an oil to the regime. And focus on good diet
too, lots of anti inflammatory based foods – greens and all coloured vegetables and fruits.
Water. Avoid added sugar which is destructive to collagen and choose green tea or red bush
tea an easy way to dose antioxidants throughout the day. And you should notice great improvements
not only on the face but overall body. So guys there we go, If I get more questions
below this video I’m sure I’ll make a second video Answering them and hopefully
this helps some of you out and as always anything mentioned will be in the description box below
and with that said I’ll see you in the next video. Bye

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