Amazing Face pack for removing face tan and get instant glow

Hello my dear friends.Today i have brought
such face pack which can save your skin from sun tanning if we use it continuously then
our face can get its lost glow. lets see how we make this face pack. For it first we have
to take gram floor . Take 2 spoon GRAM floor. Now we will take fresh curd. It is easily available at home and also we can bring from market. third we need turmeric. Just put very small amount of turmeric which will cure our face marks. Now we will mix it well and keep mixing for some time. Now face pack is ready. Now i will apply it on hand. you have to apply it on your face and neck. Rub it for some time. Don’t make so thick so it can be easily massaged. Now after apply leave it for some time to dry. Now pack is completely dry. Wash it with normal water. Keep rubbing it while you are washing it. Now you can see my hand has got some good glow. You can apply this face pack thrice a week, It will remove tanning from your face and face glow will increase. FRIENDS IF YOU LIKE MY VIDEO THEN PLEASE LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE. THANK U SO MUCH 🙂

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